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As a professor, post-doctoral researcher, or student, you spend hours translating your ideas to the page. At the end of a long day in academia, you may not always have the energy or clarity of mind to approach the revision process with the objective perspective you need.

But the quality of your academic writing will have a huge impact on your grade or ability to get published. Most universities state that errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and structure result in deductions of 10 percent or more with academic writing, and academic journals cite spelling and grammar errors as a top reason for rejection.

You want to be judged on your great ideas—not your grammar, spelling, and formatting. That’s why offers accurate and efficient academic proofreading services.

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Academic Proofreading and Editing from the Best

At, our proofreaders understand how competitive academia can be. After all, they’ve been there.

Each and every one of our editors comes from a strong academic background, and many are former university professors. Before joining our staff, our proofreaders and editors had to pass through a rigorous testing and interview process. In the end, only 0.5% of applicants were invited to join our staff. That’s a more competitive acceptance rate than Harvard’s!

Our editors and proofreaders are intimately familiar with the art of academic proofreading and the importance of meeting deadlines. Our team will ensure your academic writing is error-free.

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Comprehensive Academic Proofreading Services for Any Subject

Our editors and proofreaders have expertise in a wide range of subjects, allowing them to handle even highly complex work. We have experience editing all types of academic writing, including...

We treat every piece we receive with the utmost care and attention to detail, meticulously checking for copy editing and style errors, including...

  • Spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes
  • Clarity, organization, and structure
  • Style and tone
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