Resume Writing and Rewriting

A professionally written resume increases your chances of getting hired by 40%, getting contacted by recruiters by 38%, and getting interviewed by 31%, according to That means a much shorter job search, more job offers (which generally means higher pay), and less stress.

Our job success packages are completely customizable, meaning you can pick and choose the services that are right for you. Here are the ones hundreds of clients have relied on to land their dream jobs:

What's standard?

Resume writing or overhauling (from $77)

We will create a resume from scratch or perform a deep edit of your existing resume to optimize it for hiring managers and applicant tracking systems. See before and after. Our resume writing and rewriting services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What's available?

Career consultation ($37)

We will talk through your major resume and job application concerns, leading to a better resume.

Custom cover letter ($27)

We’ll write you a single cover letter that can easily be recycled with just a few changes for most job applications.

LinkedIn profile writing or overhauling ($37)

We’ll write or rewrite your LinkedIn profile so it’s more professional and ranks better in search engines, getting you more views.

Mock interview and feedback ($57)

Your job success coach will conduct a mock interview with you, covering the questions that cause the most trouble for applicants, followed by a feedback session (30-minute interview, 30-minute feedback).

Post-interview follow-up letters ($19)

We will provide professionally crafted letter templates that provide value to the interviewer and reinforce your professionalism.

Even more

For those who want them, we also offer bonuses such as a professionally formatted reference page ($9), an image consultation session ($37), unlimited resume or cover letter revisions ($47), shortlisted job listings ($19), and an exclusive PDF guide ($4).

Below is an example of how we can improve your resume, setting you apart as an ideal candidate and eliminating the grammar errors and formatting inconsistencies that could otherwise lose you the job of your dreams.


Originally, this resume had typos and inconsistent formatting that made the applicant appear unprofessional. At two pages, it was too long, and it was not optimized for applicant tracking systems. Click the image to enlarge.
Before Resume

With Resume Rewriting

Resume Changes


After, the resume presented the applicant as an ideal candidate, with professional formatting, no glaring errors, and a thorough outline of his experience, valuable for hiring managers and tracking systems alike.
Final Resume

Not ready to order? Here’s why most people choose us:

1. Grammar and spelling errors cost 40% of applicants their dream jobs.

According to the London Evening Standard, hiring managers throw out 40% of all applications because of spelling and grammar errors. That’s 4 out of 10 people! If $100,000 were riding on a single document, I’d certainly want a second set of eyes.

2. Only a fraction of resumes are actually read by a human.

Most employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that work like this: With an 80% match of the right keywords, your resume will be sent to a hiring manager, while a 60–79% match might not be enough. And anything below a 60% match normally means your resume will just sit in a digital pile forever. Top resume writers have spent years learning how to place the right keywords in the right places and in the right quantities to get your resume in front of a human.

3. It’s our job to brag for you.

Some people shy away from speaking highly of themselves, understating their qualifications. Hiring an expert to write your resume will keep the content professional and unbiased while still drawing attention to your strengths and accomplishments.

4. You will make—yes, make!—money.

The longer you are unemployed or underemployed, the longer you aren’t earning. If a professionally written resume can help you get a job more quickly—and it can—the more quickly you’ll be making money again. If you’re having trouble landing interviews, perhaps it is time to consider having your resume written by a professional.

5. Jobseekers we've worked with rave about us and get results.

When I first contacted, my resume concerns were that the content was just a list of tasks and the overeducation was a turnoff. After their consultations, they were able to highlight specific accomplishments to quantify my background. With the new resume, I can confidently apply to more lucrative job openings. In fact, the last job I had saw a 67% increase in hourly salary. This service was definitely a worthwhile investment.

The new format... is very innovative yet professional. Also, the content is more polished. Thank you for your help!


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