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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and our deluxe academic editing (which includes a plagiarism check and deep formatting), but with a staff of over 50 editorial and academic experts, we've grown to offer so much more. Our goal is to support you in your academic pursuits with a comprehensive range of services (ADD THE INFO ABOUT CONSULTANTS ON ONE LINE AND SERVICES ON THE OTHER).

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You know the value of proofreading, but perhaps you've ignored your website.

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Our proofreaders are writers; some write technical guides, some write.

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We began offering translation services because our clients were spending.

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Need a list of every pastor in Massachusetts and their contact info.

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Data entry requires accuracy and patience that few have.

We'll leverage our editorial and marketing talents to solve your biggest academic problems.

What takes too long? What costs too much? Contact us and let us know. Our goal is to help your academic run better.