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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and our deluxe academic editing (which includes a plagiarism check and deep formatting), but with a staff of over 50 editorial and academic experts, we've grown to offer so much more. Our goal is to support you in your academic pursuits with services and partnerships with world-renowned consultants.

Statement of Ethics: We consult, edit, and proofread but we don't paraphrase or write for academics.

Plagiarism Check | Transcription | Translation | Dissertation Coaching

Geographic Information Systems | Grant Writing | Data Science and Statistics | Bioinformatics | Qualitative Analysis | Machine Learning | Data Visualization

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Get a plagiarism check and specialized support with our Deluxe Academic Package.

We don't offer a standalone plagiarism check, but we do provide this service as part of our Deluxe Academic Package, which provides structure, style, and grammar editing as well as a multipage editorial letter to discuss suggested changes and provide useful feedback for future writing. This package also offers unlimited revisions for thirty days, assistance in meeting the word count and formatting requirements of your journal of choice, and a PDF copy of our academic publishing guidebook to assist with your submissions.

Affordably and accurately convert your audio and video to text. spun out of, a transcription service that is alive and well. has produced over 20,000 transcripts like this for professors and graduate students at Harvard University, Oxford University, Stanford University, and hundreds of other universities. They charge low flat rates, without extra fees for accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, speaker identifications, timestamps, etc. You can contact or for a transcription quote. They're run by the same people.

"I greatly enjoyed working with AudioTranscription.Org and I am very happy with the result: My audio file was transcribed very carefully. AudioTranscription.Org provided me with a perfect solution. I am very happy with the outcome and will for sure recommend them to my professor."
—Rebecca Widmer Kerkhoff, University of Basel

"Thanks a lot for the transcription. I am glad to see the efficient work you've done! The transcription is complete, clear and in good format. I will contact you in case of future tasks."
—Jie Lie, Graduate Student

Translate your Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish article into journal-ready English.

We match each manuscript with an expert in the given field of study to ensure your material is translated accurately, resulting in an English text that reads as though written by a native speaker. Our goal is to deliver a document ready for publication, and we guarantee your satisfaction, offering unlimited editing until your manuscript is published. Contact us to learn more about how we can prepare your material for publication in the journal of your choice.

Fields: Through expansive partnerships, we have translation expertise in +400 areas of study, including medicine, life sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, law, physical science, engineering, materials science, mathematics, and computer science.

Chinese to English Japanese to English Portuguese to English Spanish to English
Fewer than 500 words $238 $241 $233 $233
500–1,500 words $364 $371 $345 $345
1,501–3,500 words $618 $865 $569 $569
3,501–6,000 words $998 $1,425 $775 $899
6,001–8,000 words $1,325 $1,899 $999 $1,242
8,001–10,000 words $1,485 $2,375 $1,060 $1,334
10,001–12,000 words $1,778 $2,850 $1,258 $1,593
12,001–15,000 words $2,144 $3,563 $1,379 $1,899
15,001–18,000 words $2,583 $4,275 $1,630 $2,299
+18,000 words Get a custom quote. Get a custom quote. Get a custom quote. Get a custom quote.

Other languages? Depending on the subject of your file, we might have an academic translator who fits your needs. We have worked with academic Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, and other languages. Thus, if you have academic translation needs and you don't see your language listed above, please contact us and we'll let you know if we can help.

Next step: Contact us to get an academic translation quote.

Clarify your research questions, meet your writing goals, stay motivated, and graduate with your PhD faster.

Our dissertation coaches help PhD students graduate faster by holding them accountable to deadlines, troubleshooting difficult problems, and supporting them emotionally. The backbone of any successful coaching relationship is goal setting; your coach will identify where you are in the dissertation process and then work with you to set bite-sized goals that can be accomplished weekly. Each week, you'll meet with your coach via phone or Skype to discuss your progress and any academic or emotional issues holding you back. Every coaching session ends with a new goal for the following week and ample emotional support.

Your coach's short-term aim is to keep you accountable, motivated, and moving forward, regardless of if you're developing your research questions, reviewing existing literature, choosing a suitable methodology, collecting and interpreting data, writing, or preparing for your defense. Your coach's long-term aim is to save you tuition by helping you graduate with your PhD faster.

Weekly coaching comes in three packages, billed monthly and with no commitments: Our bronze package ($199/month) provides 30 minutes of weekly troubleshooting, goal setting, and emotional support via phone or Skype, whereas our silver package ($375/month) provides an hour weekly over phone or Skype in addition to providing high-level feedback on 20 pages via email weekly. Our gold package ($899/month) offers unlimited phone or Skype sessions and feedback of up to 30 pages per week. Schedule a call to pick your package and meet your coach.

Schedule a call to learn more about how a dissertation coach can help motivate and guide you.

What you'll get:
  • Bronze Package—feedback on 10 pages/week via email
  • Silver Package—feedback on 20 pages via email, weekly support session via phone
  • Gold Package—feedback on 30 pages/week, unlimited email, phone, or Skype sessions

GIS expert Kelli Brock will help you extract the full potential of your geospatial data.

Ms. Brock has over twelve years of experience in GIS consulting for the hydro, forestry, transportation, and solar power industries, among others. A certified GIS Professional (GISP) and an expert in both ArcGIS and QGIS, she offers map creation, geodatabase design, geolocation and geocoding, and data collection, analysis, and conversion services for a range of projects as well as providing training in the use of GIS software. Contact us to learn more about how Ms. Brock can assist you with custom map development and geographic data analysis.

Ms. Brock most frequently consults on:
  • Helping clients extract the full potential of their geospatial data
  • Creating custom map products to visualize research results
  • Converting data from a variety of formats such as Google Earth, Microsoft Excel, GPS, and paper maps
  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the GIS problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Ms. Brock, please contact us.

Professor Arunprakash "Arun" Karunanithi will give your grant a competitive edge.

An associate professor at the University of Colorado Denver, Dr. Karunanithi (Google Scholar) brings sixteen years of scientific research and grant writing experience to his work as a grant consultant. Having received prestigious grants from several U.S. federal agencies (e.g., the National Science Foundation) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and having served on several grant review panels, Dr. Karunanithi will propose improvements and provide invaluable strategic editing advice to position your grant for success. Find out more about grant writing consulting here.

Professor Karunanithi most frequently consults on:
  • Full life cycle grant consulting
  • Strategic input towards converting proposals into highly competitive grant applications
  • Critiquing proposals from the reviewer's (and panel's) perspective and offering customized solutions
  • Rates: Depends on the length of the grant and the assistance required. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Professor Karunanithi, please contact us.

Professor Eugene Antipov will validate your research findings with skilled data analysis.

Dr. Antipov, an associate professor at the National Research University’s Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, offers quantitative data analysis and predictive modeling to help researchers analyze their data effectively. Having worked as a lead analyst for multinational corporations and with a record of publication in leading journals, Professor Antipov (Google Scholar) brings years of business and technical experience to his consulting practice. Contact us to discuss how Dr. Antipov’s data science skills can ensure the statistical validity of your research.

Professor Antipov most frequently consults on:
  • Causal inference using regression analysis
  • Propensity score matching
  • Difference-in-difference analysis
  • Instrumental variables
  • Regression discontinuity design
  • Time series analysis
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting using time series methods and machine learning techniques
  • Marketing research data analysis (MaxDiff, conjoint, CHAID, segmentations, correspondence analysis, etc.)
  • Biostatistics (e.g., identification of various risk factors)

If your project involves Stata, EViews, R, SPSS, etc., or topics related to empirical data analysis in medicine, biology, psychology, economics, marketing or another field, Professor Antipov can provide valuable assistance.

  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the data science/statistics problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Professor Antipov, please contact us.

Dr. Xiaoqing Rong-Mullins will help solve your toughest bioinformatics problems.

Armed with a doctoral background in molecular biology and extensive postdoctoral bioinformatics experience, Dr. Rong-Mullins offers a suite of bioinformatics research consulting services, including statistically valid data analysis and interpretation, experiment and algorithm design, data generation troubleshooting, and commercial application development.

Dr. Rong-Mullins most frequently consults on:
  • Algorithm development
  • Machine learning
  • Modeling
  • Statistical analysis
  • Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Proteomics
  • Meta-omics
  • Clinical statistics
  • Network analysis
  • Genetics
  • Sequence analysis
  • Human health
  • Microbiology
  • Plant science
With a solid understanding of biology, mathematics, and software development, Dr. Rong-Mullins is adept at solving problems creatively.

  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the bioinformatics problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Dr. Rong-Mullins, please contact us.

Dr. Lidija Mavra will refine your research and data analysis methodologies.

With her doctoral research background and success as a social entrepreneur, Dr. Mavra provides expert guidance on social research methodologies as well as assistance collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing qualitative data. Her track record of having written and published reports for diverse audiences makes her uniquely qualified to support you with constructive editorial feedback. Let's talk about the valuable guidance Dr. Mavra can offer for your social science projects.

Dr. Mavra most frequently consults on:
  • NVivo analysis (i.e., qualitative textual coding and case classification using NVivo software)
  • Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)
  • Line-by-line textual analysis/coding of projects involving interview/focus group transcripts (please note that we offer transcription services for academics at very competitive rates)
  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the qualitative analysis problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Dr. Mavra, please contact us.

Harvard scientist Dr. Tony Wang will provide invaluable machine learning guidance.

A scientist at Harvard University with a doctoral background in statistics, Dr. Wang (Google Scholar) brings advanced knowledge and experience in predictive modeling, complex data analysis, and methodological planning and development to his practice as a machine learning consultant. He is an expert in SAS, R, STATA, SPSS, Python, Apache Spark, and SQL and NoSQL for relational and nonrelational databases. Find out more about the skills Dr. Wang can apply to your machine learning initiatives.

Dr. Wang most frequently consults on:
  • Statistical method development
  • Machine learning algorithm development
  • Big data analytics
  • Scalable methodology
  • High dimensional data analysis
  • Dimension reduction
  • Spatial and temporal data modeling
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Graphical models and Bayesian network
  • Survey design and complex survey analysis
  • Design and analysis of clinical trials
  • Grant proposal development and statistical analysis planning
  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the machine learning problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Dr. Wang, please contact us.

Professor Hayk Minasyan will help you visualize complex data sets.

Professor Minasyan, an assistant professor at the Armenian State University of Economics, will leverage ten years of experience in data analysis and visualization to solve your financial and marketing research problems. His past projects have included development of crowdfunding platforms, loan underwriting information systems, analytical dashboards, and financial projection models. Contact us to learn about how Dr. Minasyan can support your research projects.

Professor Minasyan most frequently consults on visualizing...
  • Macroeconomic data
  • Monetary data
  • Financial crisis data
  • Rates: Depends on the scope and complexity of the data visualization problem. Projects begin at $500.
  • Next step: To work with Professor Minasyan, please contact us.

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