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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and our deluxe academic editing (which includes a plagiarism check and deep formatting), but with a staff of over 50 editorial and academic experts, we've grown to offer so much more to academics. Our goal is to help you publish as well as find new academic jobs when the time is right.

Statement of Ethics: We edit and proofread, but we don't paraphrase, rewrite, or write academic papers.

Services for Publishing:
Plagiarism Check | Combined Proofreading and Editing | Translation | Transcription

Services for Finding Jobs:
Enhancing Academic CVs | Rewriting Academic CVs as Industry-Focused Resumes

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Get StartedPlagiarism Check
Get a plagiarism check and specialized support with our Deluxe Academic Package.
plagiarism check

We don't offer a standalone plagiarism check, but we do provide an extensive plagiarism check as part of our Deluxe Academic Package. That package includes structural, stylistic, and grammar editing as well as a multipage editorial letter with detailed high-level feedback and advice about your document's strengths and weaknesses, including recommendations to help you improve as an academic writer. The Deluxe Academic Package also offers unlimited revisions for 30 days, assistance in meeting the word count and formatting requirements of your target journal, and our academic publishing guidebook.

What do academics say about the value our Deluxe Academic Package provides? has worked with me over the past two years to help polish postgraduate university research. Most recently, I ordered the Deluxe Academic Package for a literature review regarding spatial relationships in the classroom. On top of helping correct my grammar, my editor delved deep into the material, making stylistic suggestions to improve the clarity of my writing. Aside from the helpful plagiarism check, my editor also helped me integrate references smoothly into the text and reduce the word count to meet my journal's submission requirements.

—Nigel, education researcher
The Deluxe Academic Package was instrumental in helping me prepare my article on corporate accelerator programs for publication. My editor not only corrected my spelling, grammar, and punctuation but reviewed the document thoroughly, rephrasing to clarify meaning and improve the style. The plagiarism check is always useful, as well, giving me peace of mind that no material from my sources has made it into the final article.

—Katja, Ph.D. candidate

Get StartedCombined Proofreading and Editing
Smooth out grammar and style issues before publication.
combined proofreading and editing

This service is what we're best known for among academics. It's for professors and graduate students who need spelling, grammar, word choice, and sentence structure help but who don't need our Deluxe Academic Package. Free samples of Combined Proofreading and Editing are available here.

We've edited for professors at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School, graduate students at Oxford University, and academics at hundreds of other institutions. We're excited to have the opportunity to edit for you.

Get StartedAcademic Translation
Translate your non-English articles into journal-ready English for 9 cents/word.

Any Topic, Any Language
We can translate papers written in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and over 100 other languages. Papers we've worked with have spanned hundreds of areas of study, including medicine, life sciences, law, engineering, materials science, computer science, and more.

100% Human-Based
Unlike many translation companies, we don't rely on imperfect algorithms to translate academic work. Our translation and subject matter experts will use their years of experience to get the job done right.

I approached to translate my article on bisphosphonate therapy for dental implants from Brazilian Portuguese into English. Their translation team was able to navigate the complex scientific terminology in my material, creating an accurate and professionally edited English translation that was accepted for publication in PubMed. I feel confident that my research has been represented well in English, and I would recommend's academic translation services to my colleagues.

—Vittorio Moraschini, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, professor (translation from Portuguese to English of 1,919 words about bisphosphonate therapy in dentistry)
Translation from was invaluable in helping me expose my academic work on retail horticulture, originally written in German, to a wider English-speaking audience and making it possible for me to submit my articles for publication in English journals. Their German to UK English translators were able to seamlessly translate terms from my field and stay true to my professional academic tone. I highly recommend for high-quality academic translation.

—Christian Engelke, University of Worcester, researcher (translation from German to UK English of 14,545 words about the economics of horticulture)

Unlimited English Proofreading and Editing Until You're 100% Happy
We match each manuscript with an expert to ensure your material is translated accurately, resulting in English documents that are journal-ready. And we guarantee your satisfaction, offering unlimited editing and proofreading until you're 100% happy. See the "Rates" section below for information on including proofreading and editing with translation.

Turnaround Times
We're not the fastest academic translation service; we're slow, accurate, and fairly priced. Most translation orders take about 1.5 weeks.

  • Translation only: 9 cents/word (e.g., an academic article translated from German to English with 1,500 words would cost just $135)
  • Translation with English editing and proofreading: 11.5 cents/word (e.g., a 1,500-word Japanese article translated into English and then edited and proofread would be just $172.50)

Get StartedAcademic Audio and Video Transcription
Accurately convert your audio and video to text for just $1/audio minute.
transcription spun out of, a transcription service that is alive and well. has produced over 20,000 transcripts like this for professors and graduate students at Harvard University, Oxford University, Stanford University, and hundreds of other universities. They charge low flat rates without extra fees for accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, speaker identifications, timestamps, etc. You can contact or for a transcription quote. They're run by the same people.

Thanks a lot for the transcription. I am glad to see the efficient work you've done! The transcript is complete, clear and in a good format. I will contact you with future tasks.

—Jie Lie, graduate student
I greatly enjoyed working with and I am very happy with the result: My audio file was transcribed very carefully. provided me with a perfect solution. I am very happy with the outcome and will for sure recommend them to my professor.

—Rebecca Widmer Kerkhoff, University of Basel
100% Human-Based
Unlike many transcription services, we don't rely on imperfect algorithms to transcribe audio and video files. Our transcriptionists will use their years of experience to ensure your transcripts are accurate.

$1.00/audio minute (e.g., an hour-long audio file is just $60). Unlike nearly all transcription services, we don't charge for extras, including labeling speakers, adding time stamps, accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, etc.

Get StartedEnhancing Academic CVs through Rewriting
For $97, we'll go beyond editing and dramatically improve your academic CV.
Enhancing Academic CVs

Our rewriting team helps academics improve an existing CV or create one from scratch. The rewriting process goes much deeper than editing, as you can see here. We've written or rewritten thousands of academic CVs and know the current trends and common pitfalls. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

"I have a CV, but I don't have the time or skill to make it as good as possible."
That's okay. We absolutely can do this for you. And, for only $97 and with a 100% guarantee, you might as well try it.

"I don't have a CV at all."
Don't worry. This happens every once in a while. Working directly with your CV writer, you'll provide us with a list of your publications, awards, classroom experience, and more so we can turn it into a gorgeous CV for you.

"I have an academic CV, but I want to apply for industry jobs."
We help with that all the time. Jumping from the classroom to the commercial arena isn't easy. See how we can make it infinitely easier.

What do academics say about the value our CV rewriting provides?

The team did amazing work, very detailed work. They rewrote sentences in order to make the meaning clearer. What I love is there were little notes asking confirmation about whether the new sentence referred to what was meant. Moreover, the result came earlier than the expected time frame. It's worth it. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

—Dewi, a virology Ph.D. student seeking research positions
Done quickly and accurately, and I felt that the writers went above and beyond with their helpful tips.

—Carly, a political science Ph.D. student applying for visiting research positions in the UK
Your team is precise. You checked everything and wrote comments which helped me understand why big changes were made. You will always be my first choice when applying for new positions.

—Samaher, a college administrator seeking to return to teaching mathematics
  • Academic CV rewriting or writing (from $127)
  • Custom academic cover letter ($47)
  • LinkedIn profile writing or overhauling ($87)
  • Post-interview follow-up letters ($37)
  • Unlimited academic CV and cover letter revisions ($47)
  • Career coaching over the phone ($127)
  • Mock interview with constructive feedback ($127)

Get StartedRewriting Academic CVs as Industry-Focused Resumes
Get professional help transitioning from academia to industry.
Rewriting Academic CVs as Industry-Focused Resumes

Our professional resume writers can convert your academic CV into a resume so you can pursue commercial jobs in your field. We’ll support your transition from academia to industry with customizable and affordable packages that go beyond grammar and style editing to create resumes that hiring managers love.

Writing for industry isn't like applying for academic jobs.
The standards are different; the formatting is different. It's rare that academics are familiar with their industries' latest resume standards. We are.

Industry resumes need to beat applicant tracking systems. Academic CVs do not.
Companies receive so many applications that they use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sort through resumes. Think of an ATS like a search engine for candidates. It's hard for you, the candidate, to rank highly in an ATS unless you know what keywords to use for your field, in what quantity to use them, and where and how to place them. We do. For more on applicant tracking systems, view this article we wrote.

What do academic clients say about the value our CV to resume conversion services provide? helped me transition from my Ph.D. programme to the food science industry. Working on a tight deadline, Michelle converted my CV to a resume, wrote a cover letter that presented me as a qualified candidate in an extremely competitive field, and provided compelling follow-up letter templates that made life easier after my interview. I strongly recommend to people looking for help in their industry job searches.

—Katja, transitioning from academia to the food science industry
  • Academic CV to industry resume conversion (from $127)
  • Custom industry cover letter ($47)
  • LinkedIn profile writing or overhauling ($87)
  • Post-interview follow-up letters ($37)
  • Unlimited resume and cover letter revisions ($47)
  • Career coaching over the phone ($127)
  • Mock interview with constructive feedback ($127)

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