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fiction: thriller (novel)
Gabriel S.A. Clason
Called to a crime scene to investigate a mystery which starts with the seemingly senseless murder of an affluent couple, Private Detective Hector Hargrove uses his hidden ability to uncover a missing third person, a previously unseen victim. The clock is ticking as he and his partner, LAPD Homicide Detective Keith Coleman, race to find and rescue them before it's too late.
fiction: fantasy (novel)
Matthew Laurence
Freya is the myth. Freya is the legend. And she's about to make one hell of a comeback.

There's far more to Sara Vanadi than meets the eye. In her prime, she was Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and death—though that past hardly seems to matter now. For an ancient goddess in the 21st century, true believers—and the strength they bring—are painfully hard to find. But when a new, rising power threatens to remake the world by bending the divine to its will, Sara realizes her days of hiding have ended, and a chance to claw her way out of the history books has arrived. She'll just need new clothes and a manicure before she gets started.

Blending elements of fantasy and scifi in a modern-world setting, the first novel in this new young adult series by Matthew Laurence is perfect for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
non-fiction: business, economics
David Conrad McDonald
In his first novel, David McDonald—an economics student at the University of Guelph and founder of The Global Millennial—dives into the globalization discussion with a particular focus on how economic theory and history can help answer one pressing question: Has globalization been helpful or detrimental to the sustainability of our planet and advancement of our species? McDonald begins the discussion with a brief yet detailed summary of the history of global trade. Although it is difficult to say when true globalization began, he argues that the framework for international trade was established much sooner than some may expect. A majority of the book focuses on globalization in the 21st century. McDonald discusses the impact of internationalism on various regions and their subsequent powers; Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America are all discussed in detail throughout the book with reference to many notable events that continue to be important points of discussion to this day. Brexit, climate change, the financial collapse of 2008, China's role in the global economy, and the threat of nuclear war are all notable topics strung throughout this work. Authentic, controversial, and rigorously documented, A Global Convergence delivers an indispensable discernment of today's central issues in a way that anyone can enjoy.
non-fiction: biography
Lauren Sharkey
In this bold and brilliantly inspiring book, Lauren Sharkey profiles the powerful stories and achievements of 52 young campaigners who are working to improve the lives of people across the globe. Some are active in feminist issues like period poverty or political problems such as police brutality and LGBT+ rights, while others are working in science, conservation, and diversity. Whether they be Twitter campaigns or life-saving apps, their great ideas are all changing the world as we know it.

Illustrated by Manjit Thapp, this is a must-have for young women who would like to dare to make a difference and become empowered to be the change.
fiction: fantasy (novel)
Mike Kalmbach
Admiral Cain finds an elegant solution to Caldaria's piracy problem: luring pirate ships to decoy merchant vessels stuffed with explosives instead of treasure. The suicidal captains are military men with fatal illnesses. The unsuspecting crews are poor men enticed from the gutters of Caldaria with the promise of handsome wages and free meals. Cain considers it a dual service—after all, he's protecting the merchants and sweeping the streets clean of vagrants.

There are only two problems: If the peasants find out, they'll revolt. If the king finds out, he'll have Cain's head. Accordingly, anyone with too much knowledge must die.

Brother Mendell, a devout follower of Lord Justice, is caught in the crossfire when he seeks retribution for an unfairly executed prisoner. After discovering the first few layers of Admiral Cain's plan, Mendell realizes that even a monk must carefully navigate through these dangerous waters. Mendell soon finds himself pursued by Admiral Cain's merciless assistant, Krell, who suspects that the monk might ruin their ambitious plan and uncover their mysterious backer—and will gladly kill the monk to keep him silent.

Mendell must unravel the mystery before he, too, becomes a casualty of The Caldarian Conflict.
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