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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and our deluxe business editing, but with over 50 editorial experts, we've grown to offer much more. We aim to improve your operations and marketing through the following services.

Website Proofreading | Transcription | Combined Proofreading and Editing | Proofreading without Editing

Writing and Rewriting | Translation

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Get a QuoteWebsite Proofreading
Spot errors before your customers do, and increase your revenue. website proofreading

You know the value of proofreading, but perhaps you've ignored your website. Maybe you figured it'd be too much of a pain to have proofread. We can comprehensively extract the text from your website, edit and proofread it in Microsoft Word or PDFs, and deliver the changes to you.

Website proofreading increases professionalism and revenue.

NYU Business Professor Panos Ipeirotis demonstrated that demand for products and hotels increases if reviews are well written and without spelling errors, even if the review is negative. Based on this research,—a site owned by Amazon—pays to have its site proofread. They know that website proofreading isn't just about looking better; it's about bringing in more money.

What do our past website proofreading clients say? was exceptional when proofing over 350 web pages. I highly recommend them for any project.

—Andrew Bruno, Athnet
This is a sentence.

—XXXXX, Green Mountain Grills

Get StartedAudio and Video Transcription
Accurately convert your audio and video to text for just $1/audio minute. transcription spun out of, a transcription service that is alive and well. has produced over 20,000 transcripts like this for Salesforce, Vogue, the U.S. Department of Energy, and thousands of other clients. They charge low flat rates without extra fees for accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, speaker identification, timestamps, etc. You can contact or for a transcription quote. They're run by the same people.

Excellent service and reasonably priced. Will definitely use them again in the future.

—James M. McGuire, Director, Insurance Designers of America
Thanks very much for an excellent transcript. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was!

—Robin McManus, Windermere Real Estate
You all did a WONDERFUL job! Thank you again SO MUCH! I have told everyone here to use you in the future for any transcription needs. You delivered a WONDERFUL product. Thanks again so MUCH!

—Justin Randolph, LLNS Healthcare Communications
We used to transcribe our conference calls. They did a very meticulous and uncompromising job. Their ordering workflow is also very simple, and they responded in a timely manner.

—Refael Ackermann, Software Developer, EMPEERIC
100% Human-Based
Unlike many transcription services, we don't rely on imperfect algorithms to transcribe audio and video files. Our transcriptionists will use their years of experience to ensure your transcripts are accurate.

A flat rate of $1.00/audio minute (e.g., an hour-long audio file is just $60). Unlike nearly all transcription services, we don't charge for extras, including accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, labeling speakers, adding time stamps, etc.

Get StartedCombined Proofreading and Editing
Smooth out grammar and style issues before publication.
combined proofreading and editing

This service is what we're best known for among businesspeople. It's for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and every organization in between that needs spelling, grammar, word choice, and sentence structure help but doesn't need our Deluxe Business Package. Get a free sample of Combined Proofreading and Editing.

We've edited for X at Y, T at G, and businesspeople at hundreds of other companies. We're excited to have the opportunity to edit for you.

Get StartedProofreading without Editing
Remove distracting typos and embarrassing errors to ensure a cleaner read.proofreading without editing

If you need a final check for minor errors before you publish, we offer deals for proofreading only without any additional editorial services. This service is for "clean" texts, defined as the proofreader being expected to find one or two errors at the most per page. (For text that isn't "clean," the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.)

Our skilled proofreading team specializes in catching typos, missing words, and spelling mistakes that can affect readers' confidence in your business. Contact us to get a quote (or see the per-word rates below), and let's get your files ready for publication.

What do proofreading clients say about the value we provide?

This is a sentence.

—Brandon Page, GrapeCity (proofreading of 728,980 words)
I asked to proofread a set of manuals for our CFR 135 Air Carrier Operations. This was a large project with a strict turnaround, as we needed the documents ready in time to complete the final certification phase with the FAA. The team worked fast and enabled us to meet our deadline—and, more importantly, they made our manual look professional.

—Bert van Toornburg, Kachina Air (proofreading of 202,823 words)
This is a sentence.

—Melinda Farris, International Association of Operative Millers (proofreading of 129,894 words)
  • 10,000–20,000 words—1.5 cents/word (e.g., $300 for 20,000 words)
  • 20,001–40,000 words—1.2 cents/word (e.g., $480 for 40,000 words)
  • 40,001–80,000 words—0.9 cents/word (e.g., $720 for 80,000 words)
  • 80,001–120,000 words—0.85 cents/word (e.g., $1,020 for 120,000 words)
  • +120,001 words—0.8 cents/word (e.g., $1,280 for 160,000 words)
  • For fewer than 10,000 words, the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.

Get StartedWriting and Rewriting
Get more search traffic and clients with blog posts, website copy, eBooks, and more. business writing

Many of our editors are writers; some write technical guides, some write marketing copy, some ghostwrite full-length thought leadership books for busy CEOs. We've written creative marketing copy for Proper Orange to support their launch and hundreds of blog posts and FAQs for the EB5 Affiliate Network, learning the specifics of their complex business and industry.'s writing and rewriting work has helped us increase revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars while keeping our margin steady.

—Sam Silverman, managing partner at EB5 Affiliate Network
This is a sentence.

—Zia ur Rehman, Brand Development for a Houston-Based Clothing Company

Clients generally choose from one of two services, writing or rewriting.

What is rewriting?

Rewriting is less expensive and generally involves one of these scenarios.

  1. Changing the words, sentence structure, flow, and other attributes of a document to produce a completely new document (e.g., an online guide to selecting the best B2C marketing software that is 10 pages would be distilled to its main points and rewritten so that it uses completely new language and is more succinct).
  2. Changing the focus of one article to another (e.g., a blog post about tutoring services in Houston would be rewritten so that it is about San Francisco and so it reads entirely differently).

In both cases, the goal is always to produce new, unique content that is useful and 100% plagiarism-free. A common request we receive is "I like these 20 blog posts. Can you please rewrite them so they're 100% plagiarism-free and in the voice of my site?"

business rewriting services button
How does writing, which we offer, differ from rewriting?

We can write content 100% from scratch. If you want a blog post about how to select the perfect life insurance policy or a guidebook for the safe operation of the drill press you manufacture, we can do that. If you want an eBook about common pitfalls when choosing a mortgage lender to give away to prospective clients, we can do that. You get the idea. There's nothing in the business world we can't write (as long as it is ethical).

Rewriting is always less expensive than writing from scratch. See the Rates section below.

business writing services button
What content do you work on?

We write and rewrite a variety of content. Here is a brief array:

  • Blog posts - A typical engagement: A client wants 10 posts monthly, each 450–650 words. We provide 30 topics based on extensive search engine optimization research. The client selects 10. We write, proofread, and deliver their posts.
  • Website copy - About page text, product descriptions, etc.
  • eBooks - For online lead generation, brand building, etc.
  • Thought leadership books - These full-length books are ghostwritten in the voice of your CEO.
  • White papers
  • Case studies - We can conduct and transcribe the research interviews that the case studies are based on or we can work with data from interviews you've conducted with clients.
  • Newsletters (email and print)
  • Press releases
Don't forget: Having your existing content translated is often even easier than having new content written.
Expand the reach of business documents you've already written by having us translate your blog posts, web copy, case studies, etc. into any of the +100 languages we offer. It's an effortless way for you to expand your global reach; you simply provide the file or link to the existing content and tell us the language(s) you'd like and we'll deliver translated content that'll help you expand to new markets (including getting ranked in those markets' search engines). Learn more about translation services.
  • Rewriting: 10 cents/word (e.g., $50 for a 500-word blog post)
  • Writing from scratch: Volume discounts apply, but rates are generally 15 cents/word (e.g., $75 for a 500-word blog post).
  • SEO research and topic generation: Generally included for free for ongoing clients.
  • Are there cheaper services? It's quite easy to find cheaper services with non-native English speakers. If price is what matters most, we're not the right fit. If quality, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and your time matter, we're a great fit. Let's talk.

Get StartedBusiness and General Translation
Expert translation of business documents and websites for just 9 cents/word. translation Why does an English proofreading service offer translation?

We began offering translation services because our English proofreading and editing clients were spending so many hours writing and perfecting their documents that it only made sense to convert those same texts into other languages. We've since helped many businesses expand their reach to the 86% of the world that doesn't speak English.

For example...
  • iDashboards, a software company, asked us to proofread marketing copy and then translate it into Spanish and Italian so they could expand their reach to the 437 million people who speak Spanish and the 63 million people who speak Italian.
  • had us translate the script for their eSports video into into Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese to make their service accessible to the over two billion people who speak those languages.

What do business translation clients say about the value we provide?

Testimonial text 1.

—First Last, Business
Testimonial text 2.

—First Last, Business
Testimonial text 3.

—First Last, Business
Testimonial text 4.

—First Last, Business

Any Topic, Any Language
We can translate websites, blog posts, manuals, newsletters, eBooks, and more into Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and over 100 other languages. Content we've translated has spanned industries, including transportation, ecommerce, online education, architecture, and more.

100% Human-Based
Unlike many translation companies, we don't rely on imperfect algorithms to translate important business documents. Our translation experts will use their years of experience to get the job done right.

Turnaround Times
We're not the fastest translation service; we're slow, accurate, and fairly priced. Most translation orders take about 1.5 weeks.

  • Translation from English to nearly any language: 9 cents/word (e.g., a 500-word blog post translated from English to Brazilian Portuguese would cost just $45)
  • Translation to English with English editing and proofreading: 11 cents/word (e.g., a 2,500-word Japanese employee manual translated into English and then edited and proofread would be just $275)

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