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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and our deluxe business editing, but with a staff of over 50 editorial and marketing specialists, we've grown to offer so much more. Our goal is to solve all of your business problems with a comprehensive range of services.

Website Proofreading | Transcription | Data Entry | Pricing Intelligence | Business Writing Training

Writing and Rewriting | Translation | Lead Generation | Favorable Journalist Search | Promotion to Blogs

Something else?
Let us know what takes too long or costs too much. We aim to increase your revenue and reduce your expenses.

Spot errors before your customers do, and increase your revenue.
website proofreading

You know the value of proofreading, but perhaps you've ignored your website. Maybe you figured it'd be too much of a pain to have proofread. We can comprehensively extract the text from your website, edit and proofread it in Microsoft Word, and deliver the changes to you. We can even make the changes on your site if you would like. A past website proofreading client, Andrew Bruno of Athnet, said, " was exceptional when proofing over 350 web pages. I highly recommend them for any project."

Website proofreading doesn't just increase professionalism; it also increases revenue. NYU Business Professor Panos Ipeirotis showed that demand for products and hotels increases if reviews are well written and without spelling errors, even if the review is negative. Based on this research, pays to have its site proofread.

Affordably and accurately convert your audio and video to text.
transcription spun out of, a transcription service that is alive and well. has produced over 20,000 transcripts like this for Salesforce, Vogue, the U.S. Department of Energy, and thousands of other clients. They charge low flat rates without extra fees for accents, difficult terminology, multiple speakers, speaker identification, timestamps, etc. You can contact or for a transcription quote. They're run by the same people.

"Excellent service and reasonably priced. Will definitely use them again in the future."
—James M. McGuire, Director, Insurance Designers of America

"Thanks very much for an excellent transcript. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was!"
—Robin McManus, Windermere Real Estate

"You all did a WONDERFUL job! Thank you again SO MUCH! I have told everyone here to use you in the future for any transcription needs. You delivered a WONDERFUL product. Thanks again so MUCH!"
—Justin Randolph, LLNS Healthcare Communications

"We used to transcribe our conference calls. They did a very meticulous and uncompromising job. Their ordering workflow is also very simple, and they responded in a timely manner."
—Refael Ackermann, Software Developer, EMPEERIC

Schedule a CallDATA ENTRY
Save money and time with data entry services from just $9.45/hour.
data entry

Data entry requires accuracy and patience that few have. We've assembled a team of people who have immense patience. Whether you want to upload thousands of new product listings to your site or you need help migrating data between CRMs, there's no reason to do this in-house. That would almost certainly be more expensive. Solving your data entry problems begins with a conversation. Let's talk.

Regularly get a comprehensive list of your competitors and their up-to-date pricing.
pricing intelligence

If you're not regularly researching your competitors' prices, you could be missing opportunities to price higher and increase your gross margins or even to lower your prices and increase sales. We solve this problem for companies in competitive industries, and we were our first pricing intelligence client; regularly identifies new competitors and all of our competitors' price changes.

Our pricing intelligence researchers will provide you with your competitors' pricing information. First, they'll generate a comprehensive list of your competitors. Then, they'll crawl the web using software and advanced research skills to collect current public pricing. They'll compile the data at any frequency you'd like (most clients prefer monthly reports).

What you'll get: Every month, we'll deliver an up-to-date spreadsheet of your competitors (including new competitors) and their public pricing, putting your pricing intelligence on autopilot.

Have an expert business writer train your team in person for a day.
business writing training

For as little as $495, an editor specializing in business writing, technical writing, or marketing copywriting can visit your business for a day and train as many people as you’d like. We never charge based on audience size, so many of our clients choose to fill the room. All of our seminars are practical, actionable, and focused on improving your bottom line. They're available within the United States and internationally, everywhere from Sydney to Abu Dhabi to Beijing (rates here).

Our Popular Onsite Day-Long Seminars

Most Popular: Seminars in light blue were the most requested in the previous quarter.

General Business Writing
  • Essentials of Business Writing (Beginner)
  • Essentials of Business Writing (Advanced)
  • Essentials of Business Writing for ESL Speakers
  • Business Writing: Grammar Essentials (Beginner)
  • Business Writing: Grammar Essentials (Advanced)
  • Editing and Proofreading Skills for the Modern Workplace
  • Writing Effective Business Reports (customized to focus on the most common types of reports in your organization)
  • Improving Reading Speed and Comprehension
Technical Writing
  • Essentials of Technical Writing (Beginner)
  • Essentials of Technical Writing (Advanced)
  • Writing Technical Texts for the Layperson Audience
  • Effective Writing for Engineers
Workplace and Online Communication
  • Writing Job Descriptions That Attract the Best Candidates
  • Writing Concise, Effective Business Emails: Strategies to Say More with Less
  • Writing Effective Meeting Minutes
  • English Writing Essentials for Customer Support Representatives
  • English Writing Essentials for Technical Support Representatives
  • Writing Quick, Clear Customer Support Messages: How to Resolve More Tickets per Hour
  • Writing Effective, Useful SOPs: How to Write Checklist-Based Procedures People Actually Want to Follow
  • Writing Crystal-Clear RFPs: How to Get the Responses You Want from Vendors the First Time
Sales, Marketing, and Proposals Merging Two Seminars
Many of the above seminars can be shortened and merged into a single day. For instance, some clients have opted to merge "Writing Cold Emails That Get Responses" with "Writing Successful Business Proposals" to produce a new one-day seminar that best fits their needs. We don't charge extra for merging seminars. Contact us to discuss your needs with a business writing trainer.

100% Custom Writing Seminars
Does your organization have a communication problem not addressed here? With our team of +50 editorial experts, we can craft a custom seminar, and likely for less money than any other firm. Contact us to speak with a business writing trainer about your needs.

Multiple Seminar Discount
Organizations that bring us in for multiple seminars or on a recurring basis receive discounts. Contact us to learn more about multiple seminar and ongoing education discounts.

  • Rates for a one-day seminar:
    • $495 in Boston
    • $995 (plus expenses) in New York City
    • $1,495 (plus expenses) in the contiguous United States
    • $1,950 (plus expenses) in Alaska or Hawaii
    • $2,495 (plus expenses) in Canada
    • $4,950 (plus expenses) internationally (besides Canada)
  • Next step: Contact us to bring our business writing educators to your office.

Get more search traffic and clients with blog posts, press releases, and industry-leading eBooks.
business writing

Our proofreaders are writers; some write technical guides, some write marketing copy, some ghostwrite full-length manuscripts for CEOs. We've written creative marketing copy for Proper Orange to support their launch and hundreds of blog posts and FAQs for the EB5 Affiliate Network, learning the specifics of their complex business and industry. Sam Silverman, a managing partner at EB5 Affiliate Network, said our work has helped them "increase revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars while keeping their margin steady."


BLOG POSTS—$30–$125/post, depending on the length and complexity of the topic. Get a blog writing quote.
  • We won't need to provide a price quote for every post; we'll learn about your business over the phone and then provide a price per word that applies to all of your posts.
  • A typical engagement: A client wants 10 posts monthly, each 450–650 words. We provide 30 topics based on extensive search engine optimization and competitive research. They select 10 (or provide their own). We write, proofread, and launch their posts (with approval).
WEBSITE COPY besides blog posts (e.g., about page text, product descriptions)—$0.25/word. Get a quote.
EBOOK (typically for online lead generation)—$595–$1,895, depending on length. Get an eBook writing quote.
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP BOOK for CEO, full-length ghostwritten—$14,950–$24,950. Get a thought leadership book consultation.
WHITE PAPER—$995–$2,995, depending on the length and amount of research involved. Get a white paper quote.
CASE STUDY—$395 if the interviews have been conducted. $595 if interviewing is necessary (up to two interviews). Interview transcription fees may apply. Contact us to order one or several case studies (discounts are available for three or more ordered at once).
EMAIL NEWSLETTER—$95 (extra $85 charge if needed within 24 hours). Contact us to order.
PRESS RELEASE—$95 (extra $85 charge if needed within 24 hours). Contact us to order.
TWEETS—$2.50/tweet (minimum 30, or $75 total). Contact us to order tweets.
FACEBOOK POSTS—$2.99/post (minimum 30, or $89.70 total). Contact us to order Facebook posts.
OTHER TYPES OF BUSINESS WRITINGLet's talk. We've done it all.
LEARN TO WRITE KEY BUSINESS DOCUMENTS—If you want to train anyone in your organization to write the documents above, we offer an array of onsite business writing training seminars.
TRANSLATE DOCUMENTS YOU'VE ALREADY WRITTEN—Expand the reach of business documents you've already written by having us translate your blog posts, web copy, case studies, etc. into any of the 92 languages we offer. It's a brainless way to expand your global reach; you simply provide the file or link to the existing content and tell us the language(s) you'd like and we'll deliver translated content that'll help you expand to new markets (including getting ranked in those markets' search engines). Learn more about translation services.

Easily acquire clients from around the world by translating text you've already written.

We began offering translation services because our clients were spending so many hours perfecting their English documents that it only made sense to get those same texts into other languages. iDashboards, a software company, asked us to proofread marketing copy and then translate it into Spanish and Italian so they could further penetrate those markets. They knew that 86% of the world doesn't speak English. Our translation team offers services in 92 languages, covering almost all of the commercial internet. From Afrikaans to Zulu, we have you covered.

Next step: See the rates in the chart below. Then, contact us to learn more or to start your project (we'll send you an invoice).

Most Frequently Ordered Less Frequently Ordered
Arabic to/from English–13 cents/word Afrikaans to/from English–18 cents/word
Bulgarian to/from English–14 cents/word Albanian to/from English–18 cents/word
Chinese (Traditional) to/from English–15 cents/word Amharic to/from English–22 cents/word
Chinese (Simplified) to/from English–13 cents/word Armenian to/from English–22 cents/word
Czech to/from English–14 cents/word Basque to/from English–22 cents/word
Danish to/from English–15 cents/word Belarusian to/from English–22 cents/word
Dutch to/from English–14 cents/word Bengali to/from English–18 cents/word
Farsi to/from English–15 cents/word Bosnian to/from English–15 cents/word
French to/from English–13 cents/word Burmese to/from English–22 cents/word
Georgian to/from English–15 cents/word Catalan to/from English–15 cents/word
German to/from English–14 cents/word Croatian to/from English–15 cents/word
Greek to/from English–14 cents/word Dinka to/from English–22 cents/word
Hebrew to/from English–14 cents/word Estonian to/from English–16 cents/word
Hindi to/from English–15 cents/word Finnish to/from English–18 cents/word
Hungarian to/from English–14 cents/word Flemish to/from English–17 cents/word
Indonesian to/from English–15 cents/word Gujarati to/from English–18 cents/word
Italian to/from English–13 cents/word Haitian Creole French to/from English–22 cents/word
Japanese to/from English–15 cents/word Icelandic to/from English–19 cents/word
Korean to/from English–15 cents/word Irish Gaelic to/from English–17 cents/word
Norwegian to/from English–15 cents/word Jamaican Creole English to/from English–22 cents/word
Polish to/from English–14 cents/word Javanese to/from English–18 cents/word
Portuguese (Brazil) to/from English–13 cents/word Kazakh to/from English–22 cents/word
Portuguese (Portugal) to/from English–13 cents/word Khmer to/from English–18 cents/word
Romanian to/from English–14 cents/word Kirundi to/from English–22 cents/word
Russian to/from English–13 cents/word Kurdish Sorani to/from English–22 cents/word
Slovak to/from English–14 cents/word Kurdish to/from English–22 cents/word
Spanish to/from English–13 cents/word Lao to/from English–18 cents/word
Swedish to/from English–15 cents/word Latvian to/from English–15 cents/word
Tagalog or Filipino to/from English–15 cents/word Lithuanian to/from English–15 cents/word
Thai to/from English–15 cents/word Luxembourgish to/from English–22 cents/word
Turkish to/from English–13 cents/word Macedonian to/from English–15 cents/word
Ukrainian to/from English–14 cents/word Malay to/from English–18 cents/word
Vietnamese to/from English–15 cents/word Maltese to/from English–17 cents/word
Contact us to start a translation project. Marathi to/from English–22 cents/word
  Moldovan to/from English–22 cents/word
  Mongolian to/from English–22 cents/word
  Nepali to/from English–18 cents/word
  Pashto to/from English–18 cents/word
  Persian to/from English–15 cents/word
  Punjabi to/from English–18 cents/word
  Quechua to/from English–22 cents/word
  Samoan to/from English–22 cents/word
  Serbian to/from English–15 cents/word
  Shona to/from English–22 cents/word
  Sinhala to/from English–18 cents/word
  Slovene to/from English–15 cents/word
  Somali to/from English–22 cents/word
  Sudanese Arabic to/from English–22 cents/word
  Swahili to/from English–18 cents/word
  Swiss French to/from English–16 cents/word
  Swiss German to/from English–16 cents/word
  Swiss Italian to/from English–16 cents/word
  Tajik to/from English–18 cents/word
  Tamil to/from English–18 cents/word
  Tibetan to/from English–18 cents/word
  Tigrinya to/from English–22 cents/word
  Urdu to/from English–15 cents/word
  Welsh to/from English–22 cents/word
  Zulu to/from English–22 cents/word
Contact us to start a translation project.

Generate 1,000s of leads for just $11.95/hour or a fixed cost per lead.
lead generation

What if your salespeople could be selling more often instead of being knee-deep in research? What if your online marketing team didn't have to manually track down the contact information of blogs that might link to them if approached? Our lead generation team is remarkably skilled at tracking down contact information online. Here is a small sample of projects we've completed:

Projects for Sales Teams:
  • Find every pastor in Massachusetts and their mailing addresses
  • Compile a list of every lawyer in Canada and their mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers
Projects for Online Marketing Teams:
  • Find every blog about kitchen gadgets that receives over 1,000 visitors a month and is active (i.e., has been updated with a post in the past two months)
  • Find every blog about college admissions that receives over 500 visitors a month and is active

Whatever your ideal client or SEO target looks like, growing your business with lead generation begins with a conversation. Let's talk.

Get a list of journalists who write favorably about products similar to yours.
favorable journalists

If you plan to launch a product or service, promote a major change, or do anything else that requires positive press, we can help you land more press and save you hundreds of hours of research time. We work with businesses to identify the journalists who write favorably about products similar to theirs. These journalists are most likely to write favorable press about your product.

Here's what this looks like in practice: Imagine you have a new nutritional supplement that you want to get the world talking about. Our researchers will first learn about your product. Then, they'll use proprietary tools and techniques to find as many journalists as possible who have written about nutritional supplements favorably (including about your competitors), aggregating links to those articles and their authors' contact info. From there, you can simply look at the list and pitch, for instance, by sending an email or press release to a journalist who wrote favorably about a similar nutritional supplement weeks or months ago. Incidentally, we do write press releases for $95/release.

What you'll get: We'll deliver a curated list of the contact info of journalists who are likely to be interested in what you're promoting. (We also offer a similar service that targets bloggers.)

  • Rates: $79 for 10 journalists and $6.99 per journalist after that (capped at whatever you’d like; we recommend 50 listings total, costing $358.60 overall). Bear in mind: A single positive press mention pays for this entire service many times over.
  • Next step: Contact us to get started.

Get buzz online and improve your search engine rankings by reaching out to relevant blogs.
promotion to blogs

Similar to our favorable journalist identification service, if you plan to launch a product or service, promote a major change, or do anything else that requires online buzz, we can help you get mentioned on more blogs and save you hundreds of hours of research time. We work with businesses to identify the blogs that discuss products similar to theirs and issues related to their products. These blogs are most likely to write about your product.

Here's what this looks like in practice: Imagine you have a new baby product that you want to get the world talking about. Our researchers will first learn about your product and niche. They'll then use proprietary tools and techniques to find as many bloggers as possible who have written about baby products similar to yours, aggregating links to those blog posts and their authors' contact info. They'll also find blogs that discuss issues related to your product (e.g., for a new baby product, we would find all of the "mommy blogs"). They'll weed out the spammy blogs (ones that are just stuffed with ads and lack communities), inactive blogs (ones that haven't been updated in the past 30 days), and blogs without traffic. We'll leave you with only the best prospects: both active high-traffic blogs and blogs that are narrowly focused and have engaged communities.

What you'll get: We'll deliver a curated list of bloggers (including their contact info) who are likely to be interested in your product so you can reach out to pitch your wares.

  • Rates: $89 for 25 blogs and $2.49/blog after that (capped at whatever you’d like; we recommend at least 80 blogs total, costing $225.95 overall).
  • Effectiveness: When we promote our own services this way, we generally reach out to 600–700 blogs and often get mentions on around 8% of them (around 50 mentions with links). These links bring us direct traffic and brand awareness in the short term and dramatically increase our search engine rankings in the long term. To say this is a cost-effective strategy is an understatement.
  • Next step: Contact us to get started.

We'll leverage our editorial and marketing talents to solve your biggest business problems.

What takes too long? What costs too much? Let us know. Our goal is to help your business increase revenue and decrease expenses.

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