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Who needs proofreading?

Everyone. And ProofreadingServices.com is here when you need it. As the unsurpassed online UK English proofreading and editing resource for writers in every field in the capital of Wales, we stand ready to help ensure you’re communicating at the highest level.

  • If you’re a graduate student or professor at Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, or the University of Wales, we’ll give your behavioural sociology journal article, applied philosophy thesis, computer science dissertation, or other academic writing a leg up, and we’ll do it speedily. We can also help you adhere to a range of style guides, from IEEE to MLA.
  • If you’re a business writer or copywriter crafting a blog post, marketing plan, resume, or website, we invite you to join the hundreds of businesspeople to whom our services impart an advantage, from Cardiff Bay to City Centre.
  • If you’re a book author in Cardiff, your fiction or non-fiction manuscript can be suitable for traditional or Amazon publication even sooner than you hoped. After we’ve checked your manuscript for the finer points (such as spelling and grammar) and the big-picture concerns (such as organisation and style), our wide selection of publishing services can be an asset to you.
  • If you spend more time speaking Welsh, Arabic, French, or ‘Wenglish’ than English, you might welcome our native English-speaking editors’ input on your work, as many other writers in Cardiff have learnt.
  • If you simply need a second opinion on something you’ve written, no matter how long or short, you’ve hit the jackpot. We can have your document back to you as quickly as two hours or two days.

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ProofreadingServices.com is the leading online English proofreading and editing service working alongside writers around town, from the fairy-tale Cardiff Castle to the impenetrable Caerphilly Castle. We’re motivated to support university students and other writers in the business, finance, tourism, information technology, and retail industries on their way to greater success. Since we understand that straightforward and persuasive writing (or the lack of it) can influence your career’s trajectory, we help authors ensure their work is proper tidy. From quick proofreading to heavy copy editing, we’re here for whatever you need.

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We’re not telling tales. Our editors are the best in their field.

How can we be so certain? We screen thousands of applicants with the help of a series of formidable assessments, and only one in 300 makes it through. These elite editors are native UK English speakers and have been professional writers, editors, and proofreaders for a number of years. This group is the cream of the crop.

There’s no doubt about it: we provide unmatched proofreading and editing services for the 447,000 master’s and doctoral students, entrepreneurs, professors, novelists, and others in the area, including neigbouring towns such as Barry, Port Talbot, and Cwmbran. When they need proofreading that’s both exceptional and expeditious to help them share their ideas clearly, credibly, and quickly, we’re their best choice.

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We’re so confident in our skills that we offer free samples. Simply click below to upload a document you’d like to see edited, and we’ll return a 300-word sample to you within 24 hours. We think you’ll be impressed with how spectacular your writing can be.

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