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Need an expert eye to look over your writing?

Look no further than, a renowned editing service leading the online English proofreading industry. Our superb editors are passionate about helping scholars, professionals, authors, and all other writers from across Denmark, from Copenhagen to Aalborg, with grammar, style, and clarity. We know the impact writing quality can have on your status, so we promise to protect your reputation, whether you require academic proofreading, business editing, manuscript revision, a thorough resume review, or general copy editing.

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How can you know when you require editorial services?

Our unmatched expertise and skills render us the best proofreading company to serve the people of the beautiful nation of Denmark. The following are some examples of texts we could edit for you.

  • A large portion of our clients are graduate and doctoral students. Whether they hail from the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, or Aarhus University, we work to ensure that scholars across the country put forth their best journal articles, dissertations, and other academic works.
  • Another major clientele base consists of businesspeople. From Odense to Aarhus, professionals across the nation can attest to our skills in brushing up their business reports, advertisement scripts, website copy, and many other business-related documents.
  • Creative writers and authors also seek our assistance in upgrading the language quality of their works. Through our stylistic and grammatical editing services, we help Danish authors of all types of English publications produce the best manuscripts they can. Authors may also be interested in the many publishing services we offer.
  • Non-native English speakers also make up a major percentage of our clientele. If you’re a Danish, Swedish, German, or French speaker producing texts in English, allow us to offer our native-speaker intuition so that you can avoid embarrassing errors and rest assured that your text will be understood.
  • Finally, it’s common for clients to simply send us important emails or personal messages for general grammar proofreading. We’ll happily help you with these types of texts as well, and we’ll do so quickly.

So, just send us your document, relax, and enjoy life in the happiest country in the world—we’ve got you covered.

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Are we really that good?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, because our expert team is comprised of professional native anglophone writers, editors, and proofreaders. Only the best make it onto our team—only one out of every 300 applicants successfully overcomes the series of arduous proofreading and editing tests we subject them to. We’re leaders in our industry.

In other words, the more than 5,748,000 scholars, professionals, novelists, and writers of any kind in Denmark, from Copenhagen to Odense to Esbjerg to Aalborg, need only turn to us for all their proofreading needs. Not only will we make your writing shine, eliminating grammatical errors and improving flow, but we’ll also do so swiftly, guaranteeing that you meet any deadline you may be facing.

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