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Do you want your writing to be great?

ProofreadingServices.com is the number-one online provider of English proofreading and editing, and we help people across Abu Dhabi—from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the Emirates Palace—to write clearly. Your writing is a reflection of you, so whether you need to improve your academic paper, business proposals, resume, or anything else you’ve written, we’ll make sure your writing gets respect.

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How do you know you need editing and proofreading?

As an unparalleled online English proofreading and editing service, we’re sure we can take your academic or professional writing to the next level. How can you tell if our editing and proofreading services are what you are looking for?

  • Do you need to have your thesis proofread in seven days? We can do that. Whether you study at Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University, or Khalifa University, we can edit your academic papers.
  • Do you want to make sure your business proposal is grammatically correct? Our expert editors have worked with professionals across Abu Dhabi, from Hamdan Street to the Breakwater.
  • Do you speak English as a second language and want to ensure your English document reads smoothly? We’ve worked with thousands of writers worldwide to improve their writing dramatically.
  • Are you an author and want to have your fiction or nonfiction book reviewed? Our trained professional editors will fix grammar and spelling errors as well as flag inconsistencies.
  • Do you just want an expert eye to catch any typos or grammar mistakes in important emails? We can do that, too.

Submit your document to us, then sit back and relax. We’ll make your writing shine.

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How good are we?

Our top-notch editors and proofreaders speak English as a first language and have deep experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. Every one of them has passed tough proofreading and editing tests. In fact, the tests are so difficult that out of every 300 English proofreaders who apply, we hire just one. Simply put, our team is excellent at writing, editing, and proofreading.

There is no question that we are the best proofreading service for the more than 600,000 graduate students, academics, and businesspeople in Abu Dhabi who want someone to review what they’ve written. Our proofreading is high-quality and fast, so you can be confident that you will meet your deadline. If you want to make sure your ideas are communicated clearly and effectively, you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to see what our team can do for your writing?

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