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Need a little help with your writing?

ProofreadingServices.com is the top online editing service, helping writers in every field and every part of Denver, from the Colorado State Capitol to the Molly Brown House Museum, to raise the standard of their writing. Mediocre writing can have a negative impact on your status as an author, businessperson, or grad student, so whether your document is a research paper, a short story, a business plan, or a marketing brochure, we’ll help make sure it looks great.

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What can our proofreaders do for you?

At ProofreadingServices.com, we have confidence in our ability to enhance your academic or professional writing. Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not your document is something we can help with.

  • Is your thesis due in only 72 hours? We can help you polish your words. Whether you're at the University of Denver, the University of Colorado, or the Metropolitan State University of Denver, your academic editing needs are in good hands with us.
  • Is your manuscript nearly finished, and you’re looking for an experienced editor to give you feedback? Authors across Denver, from Downtown to Quebec Square, turn to us to edit their manuscripts.
  • Is English your second language, and your English writing needs a little more fluency? Every day, countless non-native English writers from everywhere in the world, as well as everywhere in Denver, trust us to smooth out their English compositions. In Denver, we see many orders from people who speak Spanish, German, and Vietnamese daily.
  • Is the time for hunting down and correcting mistakes in your emails and other business documents just not in your schedule? We can do that for you, too.

Send your document to our editors and rest easy. We’ll get it done.

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Are we really the best?

We hire only one of every 300 applicants. Our skilled proofreaders are native American English speakers and old hands at writing, editing, and proofreading who have excelled on an array of difficult proofreading and editing assessments. Our team is simply the best.

The bottom line? For the over 693,000 master’s and Ph.D. students, novelists, scientists, and others in the metropolitan area who would benefit from a review of their writing, there’s no better choice. If you need proofreading and editing, you can rely on our speed and expertise to meet your deadline and communicate your ideas with precision and clarity.

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If you want to see how we work before paying for our services, we get it. You can click right here to get a free sample and find out how our editors can polish your document:

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