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Does your English writing need a little extra boost?

As the top English proofreading and editing service available online, can help your academic or business writing reach its potential. We will review your resume, proofread your business plan, and edit your research paper to help you produce writing that will impress your readers. Writers all across Israel, from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to Masada in the Judean Desert, can benefit from our editing and proofreading services.

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Can our editors and proofreaders help you with your document? Yes!

Whether your writing is academic in nature, related to your profession, or literary, we can improve your documents no matter where you are in the Holy Land.

Academic writing can be time-consuming, especially when it requires vast amounts of research. If your deadline is rapidly approaching, we can help review (not write) your thesis or dissertation with a detailed edit that will be completed in a week, a day, or a matter of hours—the timeframe is up to you. Graduate students at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem have benefitted from our skill in academic proofreading, as have professors and other authors of engineering, chemistry, and medical journal articles.

Your website may be the first encounter a potential client has with your company. Thus, it is important to your company’s image to ensure correct grammar, accuracy, and adherence to a proper style guide for online writing. Our editors can help you with all of your business writing needs, and we have extensive experience supporting professionals throughout Israel, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to Haifa.

Rampant grammar errors and inconsistent style can negatively affect the reviews your readers leave you. If you are getting your novel or other literary piece ready for publication, have one of our editors provide you with a detailed edit or order one of our other publishing services for authors. We’re experts in the Chicago Manual of Style and we can easily format your manuscript in accordance with its many complexities.

If you primarily speak Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian, you may find it difficult to communicate clearly in English. We have worked with hundreds of Israeli writers to help their English documents read smoothly and clearly.

Even if you are drafting a brief email to a colleague, your writing can benefit from a careful review for typos and common errors. Our speedy editing can help you get your point across in a respectful, professional manner.

From academic and business writing to literary manuscripts and brief emails, we are here to help you with all our writing needs.

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Are we as good as we claim to be?

Rest assured that our expert team of professional proofreaders and editors have been extensively trained in professional writing, editing, and proofreading and are native speakers of US or UK English. We don’t let anyone who just claims to have experience editing join our team; rather, we carefully evaluate all candidates across a full range of editing and proofreading skills with a series of difficult tests.

The eight million plus scholars, businesspeople, professors, literary writers, and others in Ashdod, Beersheba, Netanya, and elsewhere in Israel who need a professional to review their English writing can feel confident in the proficiency of our team. We consistently provide accurate and rapid proofreading that enables you to meet your deadlines with confidence in the quality of your writing.

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Would you like to see a sample of our work?

If you are still a little hesitant about committing to a paid order, request a free sample from one of our editors. We will edit a portion of your document, so you can see firsthand what all the hype is about.

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