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Subpar writing is simply not an option.

If you’d like to be successful in academia, the business world, the creative writing industry, or a number of other spheres, mediocre writing quality is simply unacceptable. These competitive fields demand first-rate texts, and failing to live up to writing quality standards could spell dramatic consequences.

Feeling pressured?

Don’t. Fortunately,, Malta’s number one online English proofreading and editing company, is here to help. Writers from across Malta, from Saint John’s Co-Cathedral to Ħaġar Qim, come to us for top-notch editing services so they can confidently submit their documents, no matter what they are. From psychology theses and corporate webpage copy to engineering resumes and children’s books, we’re here for all Maltese writers.

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We’re flexible: If it’s in English, we can probably edit it.

Essentially, the only stipulations are that your document be a Word or PDF file in English. Other than that, we can proofread almost any content from any field for any purpose. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the leading English proofreading service in all of Malta.

  • Are you studying at the University of Malta or another Maltese university? Top-notch writing is crucial for academic success, and we’re determined to help Maltese graduate and PhD students succeed as much as possible. Let us touch up the grammar and style of your public policy dissertation, anthropology paper, or environmental science essay.
  • Are you a Maltese business owner or professional? If so, you surely know how important high-quality writing is in business circles. Whether you’re trying to impress business partners, prospective customers, or superiors, we’ll assist you with your business writing, just as we already have for professionals all around Malta, from Valletta to Birkirkara and all other cities.
  • Are you an author penning any sort of manuscript? Long or short, fiction or nonfiction, we’re excited to help Maltese writers tell their stories in the most compelling way possible, with grammatically correct and flowing language. If you’re already past that stage, you may be interested in taking advantage of our publishing services, too.
  • Are you a native speaker of Maltese? We understand the difficulties of producing high-quality texts in a foreign language. We’re sympathetic to your plight, whether your primary language is Maltese, Italian, French, German, or anything else, and we’re eager to assist you in generating native-sounding English writing.
  • Are you composing a crucial email or some other form of interpersonal correspondence? Typos could embarrass you, and ambiguities could significantly undermine your message. Let us help you.

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re a Maltese writer, we’re here to make your English writing the best it can be.

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Our proofreaders are unbelievably talented.

We’re confident you won’t find a better proofreading team than ours. Our English native-speaking proofreaders and editors are masters of language, hailing from every corner of the English-speaking world, from the US and Canada to Australia and New Zealand, and boasting large-scale experience in writing, proofreading, editing. That’s not what makes them special, though: What’s truly impressive is that each of our expert editors has vanquished the series of rigorous proofreading tests we have all candidates undergo. As only one out of every 300 applicants passes, that’s no small feat.

More than 445,000 writers of all kinds, from researchers, professors, and business owners to copywriters and novelists, living across the island of Malta and nearby countries, such as Italy, Tunisia, and Libya, desire the best proofreaders in the industry to help polish their English texts. We happily offer our professional editing services to all Maltese writers, guaranteeing meticulously proofread documents and swift turnaround times, such as one day, eight hours, or even three hours.

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