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You know the quality of your writing has a tremendous influence on your reputation. Writing that presents ideas clearly and effectively can raise your status within your field of work or study., the premier online English proofreading and editing service in Massachusetts, works with writers of all types to improve the quality of their writing. From Williamstown to Worcester to Provincetown, we lift up writers across the state, enabling them to compose their finest work. It doesn’t matter whether you need proofreading for a clinical psychology thesis, line editing for a science fiction manuscript, copy editing for marketing material, or even a comprehensive resume review; we do it all when it comes to proofreading and editing.

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Skilled editors and proofreaders always available for any job

Massachusetts writers know we are the best online English editing and proofreading service in the state. Are you wondering if your work can benefit from our service? If you are curious whether your job is one we can handle, consider these questions:

  • Does your social policy dissertation require a thorough edit with a 24-hour turnaround? Then we are the service for you. We will work with you no matter where you study—Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, or any other area institution. We will make certain your academic work produces a positive impact.
  • Would your business proposal, marketing brochure, or even website copy benefit from a review by an expert editor? Our team has worked with business leaders everywhere in the state, from Boston to Worcester.
  • Are you an author seeking editing help as you complete your manuscript? We assist writers as they prepare their manuscripts for publication (through both traditional and independent means). Our services include editing for grammar and style, including formatting for Chicago style or whatever style guide you use. We also offer Massachusetts authors a variety of publishing services.
  • Do you write in Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or French more frequently than English? If you do and you need help making your English writing read as if it were produced by a native English speaker, we can help. We’ve helped hundreds of Massachusetts writers refine their work.
  • Are you in need of an eagle-eyed editor who can spot typos and correct grammar in a critical email? No worries. We handle all types of copy editing

Our editors are available to work on projects—all day, every day. Once you upload your document, you can de-stress. Your work is in expert hands.

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Quick, thorough editing from our highly skilled team

By hiring only the best editors, we can ensure your work will be taken to the next level. Our team of expert proofreaders and editors have extensive experience as professional writers, editors, and proofreaders. Each team member has passed an exacting battery of proofreading and editing tests. Only one out of every 300 applicants for our English proofreading jobs is hired. We have formed a superb team.

Without a doubt, we are the preeminent proofreading service in Massachusetts for the more than 6,811,800 master’s and doctoral students, university faculty, businessmen and women, authors, and other writers in Massachusetts, from Cambridge and Lowell to Framingham and New Bedford. Our team edits swiftly and thoroughly, helping writers deliver clear writing in time to meet tight deadlines. We are here for your editing and proofreading needs, 24/7.

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