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Professional editing help can elevate your writing. ranks as the premier online English editing and proofreading service for Omaha writers. From the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge to the Durham Museum, we have sharpened and refined the work of academics and professionals, enabling them to put forth their most impactful work.

High-quality writing can burnish your reputation, whereas low-quality writing can damage it. Tap the expertise of our top-tier editing team for whatever writing job you have—from line editing for book chapters to proofreading an academic dissertation. We also edit business communications, conduct resume reviews, and perform general copy editing. No matter the task, we will ensure your writing earns you acclaim.

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Our editors and proofreaders can handle any job.

We can confidently say we are the most experienced and effective editing and proofreading service for writers in the Gateway to the West. Plenty of writers can benefit from our service:

  • If you are a graduate student who needs a journal article proofread and checked against MLA style in 24 hours, we can help. We’ve worked with students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Creighton University, Grace University, and others to refine their medical research, engineering theses, and history essays so that they put their best work forward.
  • If you are a business owner who needs expert editing for your website, we can help. Professionals from North Omaha to South Omaha (as well as Downtown) have benefited from our editing and proofreading service.
  • If you are an author getting a manuscript ready to send to your publisher or are publishing through an independent service like Amazon, we can help you prepare. Our editors review for style and grammar, and we also offer an array of publishing services for Omaha authors.
  • If you write in another language more frequently than English, such as Spanish, French, or Simplified Chinese, we can assist you with writing that sounds natural and reads smoothly. Hundreds of Omaha writers have turned to us for this service.

Lastly, if you just need a skilled eye to read over an important communication, such as an email, we are here for you. Just send us your document. We will return it to you on time.

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Our highly skilled team boasts extensive experience.

What separates our expert team from others is the team members’ vast experience in editing, proofreading, and professional writing. Each of our editors is a native US English speaker and has passed an exacting battery of tests of their proofreading and editing skills. To ensure we hire only the best, we keep our standards high—we hire only one out of every 300 applicants for our English proofreading jobs.

We know we are the best at what we do. The more than 446,000 master’s degree and doctoral students, business leaders, college and university faculty, authors, and writers in Omaha are best served by our team. We provide writers with quick, comprehensive editing services under tight deadlines. We help them produce their best work, ensuring that their ideas are presented with clarity and consistency in a powerful way.  

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