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Still finding errors in your manuscript?

Or, perhaps worse, not finding any? (They’re in there somewhere.)

ProofreadingServices.com’s team of seasoned proofreading experts, who render the company the leader of Canada’s English proofreading and editing industry, strive to identify your errors—even the ones you missed—and remedy them. Scholars, professionals, and authors from across Ontario, from Niagara Falls to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, can already thank us for safeguarding their reputations in the competitive, detail-oriented worlds of academic, business, and creative writing. Whether you need your thesis checked over, your press release scrutinized for typos, your novel manuscript thoroughly edited, your resume comprehensively reviewed, or any other document proofread for grammar errors, we’re here for you.

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You write it, we edit it.

We’re the best proofreading and editing service in the Heartland Province, and we endeavour to improve the text of any Ontarian writer in need of editorial services. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

Ontario is home to some of the best universities in Canada. Are you studying at the University of Toronto, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo, or another Ontarian university? Let us take some of the stress off your shoulders by proofreading your thesis or journal article—well before your deadline.

There’s a lot of writing involved in business—and you can’t afford to make mistakes. From business proposals, contracts, and promotional materials to resumes and cover letters, we can serve the business editing needs of professionals across Ontario, from Ottawa to Toronto to Thunder Bay.

Weaving words into a story is an art, and even subtle changes in word choice or comma placement can completely transform the mood of the narration. No matter what kind of book you’re composing, we can assist you with the grammar and style. And once your manuscript has been comprehensively edited and formatted according to the correct style guide, we can help you publish it, too.

Learning English as a foreign language? A lot of other writers in Ontario are, too. Whether your native language is Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Punjabi, or anything else, our editing services will help you jump through the many hurdles of the English language.

Typos can have major consequences on interpersonal communication, too. Need that important email proofread? We’re on it, and we’ll return it in no time.

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A bit about who we are.

When we said we were Ontario’s best proofreading service, we weren’t kidding. In addition to being Canadian English native speakers who have worked extensively in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, our impeccably talented proofreaders and editors have all painstakingly vanquished a demanding collection of editing assessments. With a pass rate of one out of every 300 applicants, only experts can pass these tests—so we’re confident that our proofreaders are the cream of the crop.

Ontario has large and growing proofreading needs, with millions of graduate and doctoral students, professionals, professors, authors, and others seeking the linguistic expertise and sharp eye of professional editors. However, writers all across Ontario and surrounding areas, including Quebec, Manitoba, Atlantic Canada, and the northeastern United States, can find peace of mind with ProofreadingServices.com. Our proofreading guarantees smooth, clear, grammatically correct writing of any nature—and if you’re working under a strict deadline, we promise prompt delivery, too.

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