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Have you been finding errors in your writing?

Or, perhaps even worse, have you not? Everyone makes mistakes, but we at, the leading English proofreading and editing service on the Internet, promise to help uncover your errors, no matter how subtle, and make your writing shine. Errors and ambiguities in your writing can deliver a major blow to your status in your field, so we’ll take care to ensure that your reputation is safe. Academics, businesspeople, and other types of writers from across Ottawa, from Parliament Hill to the Notre-Dame Basilica, have already benefited from our editorial expertise.

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Let us help you.

Given our extensive experience editing and proofreading documents of all kinds, we know that we can elevate the quality of your writing, regardless of what it is.

Academic proofreading? Let us review your applied math thesis or architectural history dissertation—we’ll make sure your ideas are conveyed clearly. Graduate students at the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and Saint Paul University already know how we can enhance the writing quality of academic papers.

What about business proofreading? Absolutely! Whether you’re a CEO publishing a quarterly newsletter, a marketing director launching a new section of your website, or an HR representative issuing a new policy, we’ll help you convey your message clearly. If you're a business writer situated between Toronto and Montreal, we can help.

Can we edit ESL documents? Certainly. Canada's capital city is booming with language skills. We proofread for Ottawans who speak English as a second language, including those who speak French, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian. We’ve helped writers not just in Ottawa but also in the nearby cities of Gatineau, Kingston, and Cornwall ensure that their ideas are not lost in translation.

Do we proofread things outside of these categories? For sure. We’ll edit your novel, urgent email, blog post, or short story—if it’s written in English, we can proofread it. Our services are available to all people in Ottawa, from the ByWard Market to Downtown Rideau.

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Are we really that good?

Yes. Considering that only one out of every 300 editing applicants successfully passes the stringent proofreading and editing tests we administer, we think it’s safe to say that we’re experts. On top of that, our native Canadian English-speaking editors also possess backgrounds in professional writing, editing, and proofreading.

This qualifies us to fulfill all of Ottawa’s proofreading needs—we’re ready to enhance the writing of the over 934,000 PhD students, businesspeople, novelists, and other writers in Canada’s capital. We value not only quality but also speed, delivering your clear and expertly proofread documents quickly and reliably.

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We totally understand. We’re confident in our skills, and we have no doubt that we can impress you in only 300 words.

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