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Have you ever thought, “I need an editor”? is at your service! As the top service for English proofreading and editing in Texas, we’re here for writers in every vocation and every area of El Paso, from Franklin Mountains State Park to the Mission Trail. Your reputation is at stake when you put pen to paper, so whether you’re writing for a doctoral degree program, for work, or just for fun, let us make sure your handiwork is impressive.

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How can we be of service to you?

Our service is second to none, so we’re certain it can be beneficial to your academic or professional efforts. Perhaps you’re wondering what kinds of documents we work on.

  • Are you writing a dissertation? Whether you’re working toward a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Texas at El Paso, Southwest University at El Paso, or Park University El Paso, you can trust us to help you write like a true scholar.
  • Are you still finding errors in your business plan? We’ve cleaned up documents for professionals all over the city, from Mountain View to Castner Heights.
  • Are you Spanish speaker, and you’d love some assurance that your English is smooth and understandable? Our world-class service helps writers all over the globe, and all over Texas, write like native speakers.
  • Are you nearly finished writing your book, and interested in finding an editor who can spot mistakes and give you feedback? We’re here to help authors straighten up their manuscripts.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

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Are we that good?

The bottom line is that we’re the ideal proofreading service for El Paso’s 683,000 graduate students, business owners, researchers, and others. There’s no better way to guarantee your writing is excellent.

Our native American English editors have years of training and practice in professional writing and editing. Only one of every 300 contenders for a position on our team is hired, and only after they’ve vanquished the competition on a series of formidable proofreading tests. We provide editing and proofreading of the highest quality, helping our customers complete their projects exceptionally and punctually. Our team members are outstanding in their field.

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Not quite convinced yet?

If you need to see our work before you’re willing to pay for our service, we understand. Click here to order a free sample edit and start reaping the benefits of our labor:

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