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Allow the quality of your writing to reflect the quality of your ideas.

Your ideas are good—don’t undermine them with writing quality anything less than excellent. Don’t run the risk of a typo landing your resume in the rejection pile, an unclear point ruining your business report, or plain and repetitive vocabulary rendering your novel uninteresting. Help is here— employs a top-notch team of the most highly skilled proofreaders and editors in the industry, and they work hard to ensure that those in Richmond’s scholarly, professional, and creative writing communities, from Steveston Village to Minoru Park, put forth the highest-quality texts they can. Our expert editors will help you, whether your cover letter contains typos, your website’s text is too bland, your dissertation doesn’t adhere to the correct style guide, your manuscript isn’t sufficiently compelling, or if you’re an ESL speaker struggling to express yourself accurately in English.

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Please note that this page is about the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, not Richmond, Virginia, in the United States.

What is the scope of our editing services?

Our editors’ superb skills guarantee that the writers of Richmond, British Columbia, no longer need to fret about writing quality—no matter what kind of document they’re composing. Indeed, we’re extremely flexible—if it’s in English, we can probably edit it.

Are you a doctoral student, research scientist, professor, or someone else in the academic community? Academia entails a significant amount of writing—and clarity is key. Scholars at Trinity Western University Richmond and Kwantlen Polytechnic University Richmond know to come to us when looking to polish their theses or journal articles.

Are you a professional who produces a large volume of business writing? Whether you’re a business owner or working your way up the ranks, we’ll help get your business report, promotional materials, or website copy in shape—just like we already have for business leaders across Richmond, from City Centre to Brighouse.

Are you penning an eBook? Since typos are inevitable, working with a proofreading service is a must, but our team offers more than mere typo eradication—we’ll upgrade awkward phrasing, elevate your vocabulary, and provide further stylistic changes. And, once your story reads as well as you’d pictured in your head, we can also help you publish it.

Richmond is home to the largest per-capita immigrant population in all of Canada, with a whopping two-thirds speaking a language other than English as their mother tongue. The largest demographic is Chinese speakers, but whether you speak Chinese, Punjabi, Japanese, Russian, or any other language, it’s important to know that we help writers from all over Richmond express themselves concisely in English.

Sometimes you just need to rest assured that you haven’t made any embarrassing typos in your important email correspondence. Sounds like a job for the best—and fastest—proofreading service in Richmond, Canada!

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How can you know we’re the best?

We’ve been boasting our editors’ incredible talent—let us elaborate on that. As Canadian native English speakers, they can turn any ESL text into grammatically correct, beautifully flowing language, and with extensive experience in professional writing, editing, and proofreading, they can also patch up the writing of any native English speaker. However, the stringent editing assessments we subject all potential candidates to are what really makes us stand out among other editing services—with a pass rate of merely 0.33%, you can rest assured that we’re simply the best.

Let’s put it simply: Richmond’s 198,000+ scholarly researchers, professors, business leaders, novelists, and other writers—as well as those in Vancouver, Surrey, and Abbotsford—can benefit dramatically from our top-notch proofreading services. Anytime you need thorough, accurate, quick editing, look no further than us.

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Hiring an editor can be daunting—we understand. If you’re hesitant for any reason, allow us to put your mind at ease with a free sample. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed.

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