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The quality of your writing affects your reputation and professional status, and will ensure that your writing earns the respect it deserves. As the leading online English editing service, we work with academics and professionals across Qatar, from the Museum of Islamic Art to the Corniche. If you need editing for a business website, dissertation, how-to book, or resume, we will help you produce your best work.

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Are you a non-native English speaker? A whopping 94% of Qatar's workforce and 70% of its total population are from outside of the country. There is understandably a wide range of languages spoken within the Qatari borders. We've assisted speakers of Arabic, Malayalam, Sinhalese, and Hindi in editing their English documents.

Maybe you’re a graduate student and need your business economics thesis or monetary policy essay proofread within a day. We can help you with many types of academic editing, whether you attend Qatar University, Hamad bin Khalifa University, or Texas A&M University of Qatar.

Perhaps you need a professional editor to look over materials for a major marketing campaign. We work with professionals across Qatar, from Doha to Al Rayyan. If you need a second set of eyes to make sure your English document reads smoothly, we can help.

Whether you’ve written an email or a novel, we can edit it quickly. Just send us your document and relax. We’ll make sure your writing shines brighter than the Qatari sun in June!

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We are the best online editing service for the more than 2,314,000 people in Qatar who need rapid, quality proofreading. Our expert editing team is made up of native US, UK, Irish, Canadian, and Australian English speakers with backgrounds in professional writing, editing, and proofreading. Each of them has passed a series of rigorous editing tests, and only one out of every 300 applicants makes the cut.

Our team is excellent at what it does. We work within quick turnaround times to help academics and professionals express their ideas in writing clearly and effectively. If you need proofreading or editing, we are here for you. Are you ready to work with our team?

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