88 Free Infographic Submission Sites


Infographics are a great tool to market your business inexpensively online. (You can see a viral one here that we produced.) A compelling and visually rich infographic presents information directly to readers, encouraging social media shares and effectively promoting your business.

But producing an infographic is only half the battle. You have to promote it far and wide. To help you get started, we compiled a thorough list below of websites where you can submit your infographics for free.

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How to submit: Create an account at https://9gag.com/signup

How to submit: Create an account (see the "Ask Me Anything" tab, Tumblr Account Required)

How to submit: Create an account at https://www.easel.ly/auth/register

How to submit: Create an account at https://www.flickr.com/signup

How to submit: Email submissions@goodinc.com

How to submit: Email hello@graphicsmayhem.com

How to submit: Create an account at https://infogram.com/signup

How to submit: Email bwallace@nowsourcing.com

How to submit: Email contact@infographicsshowcase.com

How to submit: Email freeinfographics@gmail.com

How to submit: Email picographic@gmail.com

How to submit: Email enquiries@seoco.co.uk

How to submit: Email admin@techblogcorner.com

How to submit: Create an account at http://www.ucollectinfographics.com/sign-up/

How to submit: Create an account at https://visual.ly/user/register

Infographics have proven to be an effective online marketing and lead generation tool, and submitting your infographic to multiple sites from the list above will help get your visual masterpiece early traction and better results.

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