Memoir Ghostwriting

Memoir Ghostwriting Services for Impressive Individuals

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Step 1: Interviewing you

Our team will:

  • work closely with you to determine all the most important elements for your story;
  • help you choose the most compelling narratives and themes to engage your readers;
  • ask pertinent questions to flesh out the most important details and develop a strong outline of your life story.

Step 2: Developing an outline

Our team will:

  • organize the information from you into a logical and coherent order;
  • select the most interesting and relevant anecdotes to make your narrative shine;
  • present a comprehensive outline for your approval before beginning the ghostwriting process.

Step 3: Ghostwriting

Our team will:

  • take the outline and details we’ve developed in close collaboration with you and weave them into a professional narrative;
  • leverage their professional experience as bestselling ghostwriters to tell your story;
  • share their ongoing work with you for feedback.

Step 4: Gathering feedback

Our team will:

  • have you review the first draft of the manuscript;
  • make revisions based on your feedback;
  • have beta readers read it and make the memoir more appealing and marketable based on their feedback.

Step 5: Editing

Our team will:

  • transfer the draft to our in-house editing and proofreading team;
  • meticulously review your manuscript, providing careful, thoughtful edits that address clarity and flow;
  • clear the manuscript of typos and grammatical errors.

Step 6: Publishing

Our team will:

  • leverage their connections in the publishing industry to help you land the right agent and publishing deal for you;
  • walk you through the query letter process, which is the key to connecting with agents and publishers;
  • guide you in understanding the publishing landscape and the nuances of the traditional publishing scene.

Step 7: Promotion

Our team will:

  • help you design an attractive and eye-catching cover for your memoir;
  • use their industry connections to land book reviews and endorsements from influential individuals;
  • guide you in developing a marketing campaign for your book and securing future speaking engagements.

Immortalize your legacy in the crisp pages of a professional memoir

Writing a memoir is one of the best ways you can immortalize your legacy. It’s your chance to tell the world your story, with all the details you want to include.
You can share the insight and knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your successful life and retell interesting anecdotes from your experiences. You can give your descendants a way to connect with their heritage. And the best thing is that you can tell your story how you want.
Our ghostwriters have worked with a wide array of diverse clients and are skilled at turning anyone’s life story into a bestseller. It’s your story, and we can be your voice.
Why not schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us to discuss your vision and potential book plan? We can set the stage for your success as a memoir author.

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