List of 306 Terms of Venery

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Terms of venery are collective nouns used to denote groupings of animals of the same species. Here's a list of terms of venery.
Animal Term of Venery Example
angelfish company A company of angelfish
ant army A army of ants
ant colony A colony of ants
antelope herd A herd of antelope
ape shrewdness A shrewdness of apes
archerfish company A company of archerfish
ass pace A pace of asses
auk colony A colony of auks
avocet colony A colony of avocets
baboon troop A troop of baboons
bacteria culture A culture of bacteria
badger cete A cete of badgers
badger colony A colony of badgers
barracuda battery A battery of barracudas
bass shoal A shoal of bass
bat cloud A cloud of bats
bat colony A colony of bats
bear sleuth A sleuth of bears
bear sloth A sloth of bears
beaver colony A colony of beavers
beaver family A family of beavers
bee swarm A swarm of bees
bee hive A hive of bees
bee bike A bike of (wild) bees
bird flight A flight of birds (in the air)
bird flock A flock of birds
bison herd A herd of bison
bittern sedge A sedge of bitterns
bittern siege A siege of bitterns
blackfish grind A grind of blackfish
boar sounder A sounder of boars
bobolink chain A chain of bobolinks
bottlenose whale grind A grind of bottlenose whales
buffalo herd A herd of buffalos
buffalo gang A gang of buffalos
bullfinch bellowing A bellowing of bullfinches
bullock drove A drove of bullocks
bustard flock A flock of bustards
butterfly swarm A swarm of butterflies
butterfly fish school A school of butterfly fish
buzzard wake A wake of buzzards
camel caravan A caravan of camels
camel herd A herd of camels
capon muse A muse of capons
caribou herd A herd of caribou
cat clutter A clutter of cats
cat glaring A glaring of cats
cat destruction A destruction of (wild) cats
caterpillar army An army of caterpillars
cattle drove A drove of cattle
cattle herd A herd of cattle
chamois herd A herd of chamois
cheetah coalition A coalition of cheetahs
chicken brood A brood of chickens
chinchilla colony A colony of chinchillas
chipmunk scurry A scurry of chipmunks
clam bed A bed of clams
cobra quiver A quiver of cobras
cockle bed A bed of cockles
cockroach intrusion An intrusion of cockroaches
cod school A school of cod
colt rag A rag of colts
cony bury A bury of conies
coot covert A covert of coots
cormorant flight A flight of cormorants
cow herd A herd of cows
coyote band A band of coyotes
coyote pack A pack of coyotes
crane sedge A sedge of cranes
crocodile bask A bask of crocodiles
crocodile congregation A congregation of crocodiles
crow murder A murder of crows
cub litter A litter of cubs
cur cowardice A cowardice of curs
curlew herd A herd of curlews
deer herd A herd of deer
dinosaur herd A herd of dinosaurs
dog pack A pack of dogs
dogfish troop A troop of dogfish
dolphin pod A pod of dolphins
dolphin school A school of dolphins
donkey drove A drove of donkeys
dotterel trip A trip of dotterels
dove dole A dole of doves
dragon flight A flight of dragons
dragonet fish swarm A swarm of dragonet fish
duck flush A flush of ducks
dunlin fling A fling of dunlins
eagle convocation A convocation of eagles
eel swarm A swarm of eels
eland herd A herd of elands
elephant herd A herd of elephants
elephant parade A parade of elephants
elk gang A gang of elk
elk herd A herd of elk
falcon cast A cast of falcons
famingo flamboyance A flamboyance of flamingos
ferret business A business of ferrets
finch charm A charm of finches
fish school A school of fish
fish shoal A shoal of fish
fly swarm A swarm of flies
flying fish glide A glide of flying fish
fox leash A leash of foxes
fox skulk A skulk of foxes
frog army An army of frogs
gelding brace A brace of geldings
gerbil horde A horde of gerbils
giraffe tower A tower of giraffes
gnat cloud A cloud of gnats
gnu implausibility An implausibility of gnus
goat herd A herd of goats
goat tribe A tribe of goats
goldfinch charm A charm of goldfinches
goldfish glint A glint of goldfish
goose gaggle A gaggle of geese
goose skein A skein of (flying) geese
gorilla troop A troop of gorillas
gorilla whoop A whoop of gorillas
goshawk flight A flight of goshawks
grasshopper cloud A cloud of grasshoppers
grasshopper swarm A swarm of grasshoppers
greyhound leash A leash of greyhounds
grouse covey A covey of grouse
guillemot bazaar A bazaar of guillemots
guinea pig herd A herd of guinea pigs
gull colony A colony of gulls
hamster horde A horde of hamsters
hare down A down of hares
hare husk A husk of hares
hart herd A herd of harts
hartebeest herd A herd of hartebeests
hawk cast A cast of hawks
hedgehog array An array of hedgehogs
hedgehog prickle A prickle of hedgehogs
hen brood A brood of hens
heron sedge A sedge of herons
herring army An army of herring
hind parcel A parcel of hinds
hippopotamus bloat
A bloat of hippopotamuses or hippopotami
hog parcel A parcel of hogs
hornet bike A bike of hornets
horse herd A herd of horses
horse stable A stable of horses
hound cry A cry of hounds
hound pack A pack of hounds
hummingbird charm A charm of hummingbirds
hyena cackle A cackle of hyenas
hyena clan A clan of hyenas
ibex herd A herd of ibexes
ibis colony A colony of ibises
iguana mess A mess of iguanas
impala herd A herd of impalas
insect swarm A swarm of insects
jackrabbit husk A husk of jackrabbits
jaguar prowl A prowl of jaguars
jay band A band of jays
jellyfish smack A smack of jellyfish
kangaroo mob A mob of kangaroos
kangaroo troop A troop of kangaroos
kitten litter A litter of kittens
lapwing deceit A deceit of lapwings
lark exaltation An exaltation of larks
lemur conspiracy A conspiracy of lemurs
leopard leap A leap of leopards
leveret kindle A kindle of leverets
linnet parcel A parcel of linnets
lion pride A pride of lions
llama herd A herd of llamas
locust plague A plague of locusts
locust swarm A swarm of locusts
louse flock A flock of lice
mackerel shoal A shoal of mackerel
magpie tiding A tiding of magpies
mallard sord A sord of mallard
manatee herd A herd of manatees
mare stud A stud of mares
marten richness A richness of martens
minnow shoal A shoal of minnows
mole labor A labor of moles
mongoose pack A pack of mongooses
monkey troop A troop of monkeys
monkey barrel A barrel of monkeys
moorhen plump A plump of moorhens
moose herd A herd of moose
mosquito scourge A scourge of mosquitoes
mouse mischief A mischief of mice
mouse nest A nest of mice
mule barren A barren of mules
mule pack A pack of mules
mussel bed A bed of mussels
nightingale watch A watch of nightingales
ostrich flock A flock of ostriches
otter romp A romp of otters
owl parliament A parliament of owls
owl stare A stare of owls
ox drove A drove of oxen
ox herd A herd of oxen
oyster bed A bed of oysters
panda embarrassment An embarrassment of pandas
parrot pandemonium A pandemonium of parrots
partridge covey A covey of partridges
peacock ostentation An ostentation of peacocks
peacock pride A pride of peacocks
pelican pod A pod of pelicans
penguin colony A colony of penguins
perch pack A pack of perch
peregrine cadge A cadge of peregrines
pheasant bouquet A bouquet of pheasants
pig drove A drove of pigs
pig drift A drift of pigs
pig sounder A sounder of (wild) pigs
pigeon flock A flock of pigeons
piglet farrow A farrow of piglets
pilchard shoal A shoal of pilchards
pintail knob A knob of pintails
plover congregation A congregation of plovers
polar bear aurora An aurora of polar bears
polecat chine A chine of polecats
pony string A string of ponies
porcupine prickle A prickle of porcupines
porpoise pod A pod of porpoises
porpoise school A school of porpoises
ptarmigan covey A covey of ptarmigans
pup litter A litter of pups
quail bevy A bevy of quails
rabbit colony A colony of rabbits
rabbit warren A warren of rabbits
raccoon nursery A nursery of raccoons
rainbow fish party A party of rainbow fish
rat colony A colony of rats
rat mischief A mischief of rats
raven conspiracy A conspiracy of ravens
redwing crowd A crowd of redwings
reindeer herd A herd of reindeer
rhinoceros crash A crash of rhinoceroses
rook parliament A parliament of rooks
ruff hill A hill of ruffs
salamander congress A congress of salamanders
salmon bind A bind of salmon
sandpiper fling A fling of sandpipers
sardine family A family of sardines
seafowl cloud A cloud of seafowls
seagull colony A colony of seagulls
seahorse herd A herd of seahorses
seal pod A pod of seals
shad shoal A shoal of shads
shark shiver A shiver of sharks
sheep flock A flock of sheep
shrimp troupe A troupe of shrimp
skunk stench A stench of skunks
smelt quantity A quantity of smelts
snail rout A rout of snails
snake den A den of snakes
snipe wisp A wisp of snipes
sparrow quarrel A quarrel of sparrows
spider cluster A cluster of spiders
squid squad A squad of squid
squirrel scurry A scurry of squirrels
starling murmuration A murmuration of starlings
stickleback shoal A shoal of sticklebacks
stingray fever A fever of stingrays
stoat pack A pack of stoats
stork mustering A mustering of storks
swallow gulp A gulp of swallows
swan bevy A bevy of swans
swan lamentation A lamentation of swans
swift flock A flock of swifts
swine drove A drove of swine
swine sounder A sounder of (wild) swine
swordfish flotilla A flotilla of swordfish
teal knob A knob of teals
termite colony A colony of termites
thrush mutation A mutation of thrushes
tiger ambush An ambush of tigers
toad knot A knot of toads
tuna float A float of tuna
turkey rafter A rafter of turkeys
turtle bale A bale of turtles
turtle dove dole A dole of turtle doves
unicorn glory A glory of unicorns
viper generation A generation of vipers
vole colony A colony of voles
vulture colony A colony of vultures
vulture wake A wake of vultures
walrus herd A herd of walruses
wasp nest A nest of wasps
waterfowl plump A plump of waterfowls
weasel gang A gang of weasels
weasel sneak A sneak of weasels
whale gam A gam of whales
whale pod A pod of whales
whale school A school of whales
widgeon company A company of widgeons
wildcat destruction A destruction of wildcats
wildebeest implausibility An implausibility of wildebeests
wildfowl bunch A bunch of wildfowls
wolf pack A pack of wolves
wolve rout A rout of wolves
wombat wisdom A wisdom of wombats
woodcock covey A covey of woodcock
woodpecker descent A descent of woodpeckers
worm clew A clew of worms
wren herd A herd of wrens
yak herd A herd of yaks
zebra dazzle A dazzle of zebras