List of 64 Phrasal Verbs With 'Up'

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In search of examples of action phrases in the English language that contain a specific verb? Have a look at this list of phrasal verbs with "up." You'll find the vocabulary you're looking for here.
act up draw up heat up rack up
add up dream up hike up rip up
back up dress up hold up save up
ball up drink up hurry up screw up
beat up dry up hush up set up
blow up eat up keep up show up
break up end up lift up speak up
bring up fill up line up split up
burn up finish up look up stand up
call up fix up make up take up
catch up free up measure up tangle up
cheer up get up mess up throw up
clean up give up open up turn up
come up grow up pack up use up
crank up hang up perk up warm up
dig up heal up put up zip up