Proofreading Only

Proofreading Only

Get a QuoteRemove distracting typos and embarrassing errors to ensure a cleaner read.
If you need a final check for minor errors before you publish, we offer deals for proofreading only without any additional editorial services. This service is for "clean" texts, defined as the proofreader being expected to find one or two errors at the most per page. (For text that isn't "clean," the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.)

Our skilled proofreading team specializes in catching typos, missing words, and spelling mistakes that can break readers' immersion in your writing. Contact us to get a quote (or see the per-word rates below), and let's get your writing ready for publication.

What do proofreading clients say about the value we provide?
You have one talented proofreader. Awesome knowledge and understanding of correct usage and incredible attention to detail. I'm glad I went through the extra step—well worth the time and expense.

—Jeff Schrank (author of a 140,000-word manuscript about cognitive psychology)
After spending years researching and writing my book, including working with a professional editor for substantive editing, I was finished. With so much invested in getting the book ready for publication, I wanted to be sure no embarrassing typos or similar errors crept into the finished product. I chose to do a final "tie a bow around it" edit before going to print. I'm confident this one last professional review helped produce the polished product I was seeking. I will use on my next project.

—John F. Llewellyn, author of Birth of a Cemetery (proofreading of 87,542 words)
With my novel almost ready for publication, I needed some thorough proofreading before I went to print—but after working on the material for so long, I was too familiar with it to do the final check by myself. The team at was there for me, working within my tight deadline to turn around a clean manuscript. With their help, I'm confident that I've published a great book for my readers.

—Shawna Lynn Brooks, author of Home Again (proofreading of 53,907 words) did an excellent job proofreading my memoir, making valuable corrections and catching errors that would have distracted readers. The service was exactly what I was looking for, and I would recommend their proofreading services to fellow authors without hesitation.

—Jim Nelson, memoirist and former Lockheed Martin executive (proofreading of 33,358 words)
I received the proofread manuscript. I am completely satisfied and amazed how this was done within a week. I certainly will use your firm in the future and recommend it to others.

—John E., author of a book on community safety (proofreading of 147,343 words)
  • 10,000–20,000 words—US$0.02/word (e.g., US$400 for 20,000 words)
  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$0.018/word (e.g., US$720 for 40,000 words)
  • 40,001-60,000 words—US$0.016/word (e.g., US$960 for 60,000 words)
  • 60,001–80,000 words—US$0.015/word (e.g., US$1,200 for 80,000 words)
  • 80,001–120,000 words—US$0.014/word (e.g., US$1,680 for 120,000 words)
  • +120,001 words—US$0.013/word (e.g., US$2,080 for 160,000 words)
  • For fewer than 10,000 words, the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.
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