List of 128 Verbs for Objective Setting

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Searching for verbs of objectives? Check out this list of relevant terms. Here, you will find a collection of helpful verbs that relate to goals and objectives.
advise define interpret recall
analyze demonstrate interview recommend
apply describe inventory reconstruct
appraise design investigate record
arrange develop judge relate
assemble devise justify repeat
assess diagram label report
audit differentiate list reproduce
calculate discover locate respond
catalog discriminate maintain restate
categorize discuss manage retrieve
change distinguish manipulate review
choose dramatize match revise
code edit measure rewrite
collect employ modify schedule
combine enforce monitor score
communicate estimate name screen
compare evaluate operate select
compile examine organize separate
comply experiment outline show
compose explain paraphrase sketch
conclude express perform solve
conduct extend plan state
construct formulate point subdivide
contrast gather practice summarize
convert generalize predict support
counsel generate prepare tell
create identify produce test
criticize illustrate propose transcribe
debate incorporate question translate
deduct inspect rate underline
defend instruct rearrange use