List of 220 Speaking Verbs

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In search of ways to describe somebody speaking so you don't use "said" all the time? Check out this list of verbs of speaking. Here you'll find helpful words, terms and phrases.
add continue lie scream (shriek)
admit convey maintain screech
address coo mention shout
advise correct mislead shriek
agree couch moan sigh
analyze cough mouth simper
announce critique mumble sing
answer crow mumble (murmur) slur
appeal cry murmur snap
argue decide mutter snarl
articulate declare nag snicker
ask delineate narrate sniff
assure demand note snigger
babble deny object snivel
bark describe observe sob
bawl disagree offer speak
beg drawl order spit
begin drone outline spout
bellow enquire pant sputter
bemoan entreat parrot squawk
blabber exclaim persuade squeak
blather expand pester squeal
bleat explain petition stammer
blubber express plead state
bluff falter prattle stutter
blurt forward preach submit
bluster fuss proclaim suggest
boast giggle profess summarize
brag goad proffer summon
breathe groan promise surmise
cackle growl pronounce table
call grumble purr tattle
challenge grunt query taunt
chant guess question tease
chatter hint quote tell
check hiss ramble trill
cheer holler rant twitter
chime hoot rebuff upbraid
chirp howl recommend urge
chirrup hum recount vocalize
chortle illustrate refuse vociferate
chuckle implore rejoin voice
claim inform remonstrate wail
clarify insist repeat warble
cluck interject reply warn
coax interrupt report weep
comment intimate request whimper
complain intone respond whine
complain (grumble) jabber retort whisper
concede jibber reveal whistle
conclude joke roar wonder
confess judge sass yammer
confide laud say yap
confirm laugh scold yell
consent lecture scream yelp