List of 161 Pairs of Words That Sound the Same

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Need some words that sound the same as each other? See this handy list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find English terms that sound similar to each other.
accept except
ad add
ail ale
air heir
aisle isle
all awl
aloud allowed
altar alter
arc ark
ate eight
aural oral
away aweigh
bail bale
bait bate
bare bear
base bass
be bee
beach beech
bean been
beau bow
berry bury
bite byte
blew blue
boar bore
board bored
brake break
bread bred
bridal bridle
but butt
buy bye
calendar calender
cede seed
cell sell
cereal serial
cheap cheep
chili chilly
choir quire
close cloze
coarse course
complement compliment
council counsel
creak creek
currant current
days daze
dear deer
descent dissent
dew due
die dye
discreet discrete
earn urn
ewe you
eye I
fair fare
fairy ferry
flair flare
flea flee
flew flue
for four
foreword forward
foul fowl
gait gate
gamble gambol
genes jeans
gorilla guerrilla
grate great
grays graze
hail hale
hair hare
hall haul
he’d heed
heal heel
hear here
heard herd
higher hire
him hymn
hoard horde
hoarse horse
hole whole
hour our
idle idol
it's its
knead need
knight night
knot not
know no
leak leek
liar lyre
links lynx
load lode
loan lone
mail male
main mane
maize maze
mantel mantle
marry merry
meat meet
medal meddle
miner minor
missed mist
moose mousse
muscle mussel
naval navel
nay neigh
none nun
pair pear
pea pee
peace piece
peak peek
plain plane
pore pour
principal principle
quarts quartz
rain reign
rap wrap
read reed
right write
ring wring
road rode
role roll
root route
sale sail
scene seen
sea see
sew sow
soar sore
sole soul
some sum
son sun
stake steak
steal steel
straight strait
suite sweet
taught taut
tea tee
team teem
their there
theirs there's
threw through
tide tied
time thyme
to too
toad towed
vain vein
wail whale
waist waste
wait weight
ware wear
watt what
we'd weed
we'll wheel
we're weir
we've weave
weak week
weather whether
weigh whey
which witch
whine wine
who's whose
wood would
you'll yule
you're your