List of 112 Words to Use Instead of "Walk"

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Just as there are many ways to walk, there are many ways to describe it too. Here's a list of words you can use instead of "walk".
accompany hop power walk stagger
advance hurry prance stalk
amble jog proceed step
ambulate knock about process stomp
ankle leg it promenade storm
approache limp prowl stride
barge locomote pussyfoot stroll
brush loiter race strut
burst lumber ramble stumble
canter march reel stump
creep meander roam swagger
dart mince rove tiptoe
dash mope run toddle
dawdle mosey rush totter
escort move sashay traipse
exercise navigate saunter tramp
falter nip scramble trample
file pace scuff traverse
flounce pad scurry tread
foot it paddle shamble trek
footslog parade shuffle trip
glide patrols sidestep troop
go perambulate skip trot
goose-step peregrinate skulk trudge
hasten pitter-patter slink waddle
hike plod slog wade
hobble potter sneak wander
hoof it pound somnambulate zips