3 Reasons You Should Hire A Ghostwriter for Your Memoir

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Many published authors—particularly celebrities, athletes, and politicians—hire ghostwriters to help them write their memoirs and tell-alls. After all, writing a book requires specific skills and a significant investment of time, and elite public figures usually lack the time or writing experience to pen a memoir themselves. But they aren’t the only ones who use ghostwriters. Career authors have also been rumored to hire ghostwriters to keep up with the demand of churning out more and more bestsellers. Of course, they tend to keep that information under wraps so it won’t damage their reputation. The ideas are still theirs, and they exert a great deal of influence over the writing—they’re really just hiring the ghostwriter to save time.

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a great investment if your goal is to publish your own memoir but you don’t have the time or the creative or literary skills to write something compelling and commercially viable. And don’t think only famous people can publish memoirs—anyone with a great story can get a memoir out on bookshelves. If you’ve been thinking about writing a memoir and would like to collaborate with a professional, check out our memoir ghostwriting services

So why do authors use ghostwriters? And should you hire one? 

1. Ghostwriters save you time

When working on a memoir, ghostwriters take on most of the heavy lifting: they prepare questions for interviews, choose the best anecdotes and stories, craft an outline, write the book, and implement your feedback and suggestions. Writing your memoir alone means delving deep into your own memories by yourself, which can be an emotionally overwhelming process, not to mention incredibly time consuming. 

You’ll still have full control over the book, and if you don’t like something about your ghostwriter’s outline or content, you can always request revisions. But a ghostwriter can leverage not only their objective third-party perspective but also their experience and knowledge as a publishing professional to identify the best stories and the most cohesive way to weave them all together.

Also, because they’re focused solely on producing your book, ghostwriters will get the work done much faster than if you were doing it alone in your free time. This will guarantee that your manuscript is actually completed, since many inexperienced writers who attempt their own memoirs end up scrapping the job. It’ll also allow you to reap the benefits of being a published author that much sooner.

2. Ghostwriters produce industry-standard work

This might seem obvious, but one of the main reasons anyone hires a ghostwriter is to get professional-quality work that they might not be able to produce themselves. Ghostwriters have outstanding writing skills and see writing as a job rather than a hobby to be done when inspiration strikes. They also have an established process to streamline their work, which means they will take your project seriously and do their job diligently. They know how to write concise, succinct sentences, how to clearly express your ideas in your voice, and how to develop literary elements such as theme and narrative arcs, which are crucial to crafting an interesting story. Essentially, they know how to take your fascinating anecdotes and brilliant insights and make them even more riveting—whereas an inexperienced writer may instead dull the impact of your anecdotes.

3. Ghostwriters know what has the best chance of selling 

As professionals in the writing and publishing industry, ghostwriters have the skills to transform your life story into a compelling book people will want to buy. Yes, ghostwriters need to have impeccable writing skills, but they must also be in the know when it comes to trends and the commercial viability of a story. They want your book to sell as much as you do, and that means catering to the industry and audience without compromising your authenticity, truth, or voice. 

You don’t have to be famous to publish a memoir, but you do need a unique, inspiring, or extraordinary life story. Your story should be one that audiences and industry pros will be interested in, and one that you want to tell to immortalize your life and legacy. And it doesn’t have to be your entire life, either—you can turn even just a single fascinating episode of your life into a bestselling memoir.

Hiring a ghostwriter will allow you to tell the story you want to tell in a professional way without relinquishing control of the details you choose to share with the world. If you would like to work alongside a professional who will transform your life story into a bestselling book, contact our memoir ghostwriting services for a free consultation today. 

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