Additional Services for Authors

We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing, but we've grown to offer a full range of services for authors. From writing support, to design, to marketing, we can help you publish your book and grow your audience.

And if you're wary about spending money to help make your dreams of self-publishing or finding an agent a reality, know this: Authors who get help with story editing, copy editing, proofreading, and cover design earn 34% more than the average author (source).


For Finishing an Incomplete Manuscript:
Manuscript Critique | Coaching | Big-Picture Editing | Paragraph and Sentence Editing | Proofreading

For Publishing a Completed Manuscript:
Cover Design | eBook Formatting | Typesetting | Illustrations | Literary Translation

For Marketing a Completed Manuscript:
Marketing Package | Query Package | Promotion to Blogs | Finding Relevant Agents/Publishers | Author Websites

Something else?
Let us know what is challenging. Our goal is to help you publish your book and grow your audience.

Get affordable high-level feedback about your manuscript. manuscript critique

This service is for authors with full first drafts who want to fix plot holes, character development shortcomings, and other big-picture issues. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

A manuscript critique, also known as an editorial assessment, is a great place to start if you don't know what's wrong with your novel or nonfiction book. Our team will offer an unbiased perspective on your manuscript and send you a multi-page editorial letter outlining its strengths and weaknesses. We'll cover plot and character development, dialogue, structural cohesiveness, and more and provide a strategy for revisions. While not full big-picture editing (often called developmental editing), this more affordable option provides targeted feedback about issues readers and literary agents might struggle with and gives you a plan to fix them.

What you'll get: A multi-page editorial letter outlining your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, providing targeted feedback about what readers might struggle with

Get weekly editorial and emotional support to finish your manuscript. book coaching

This service is for authors who are working on finishing a first draft. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

Our coaches provide feedback on character and plot development as well as general editorial guidance and encouragement to meet your writing goals. (This service is also available to nonfiction authors.) It's our aim to help you craft the best possible version of your manuscript.

Weekly coaching comes in three packages, billed monthly and with no commitments: Our bronze package ($199/month) provides high-level feedback on 10 pages per week via email, whereas our silver package ($375/month) provides feedback on 15 pages per week via email as well as a 30-minute weekly support session via phone or Skype. Our gold package ($799/month) offers feedback on 30 pages per week via email as well as unlimited 30-minute phone or Skype sessions with your coach. Contact us to pick your package and meet your coach.

What you'll get:
  • Bronze Package—high-level feedback on 10 pages/week via email
  • Silver Package—high-level feedback on 15 pages/week, a 30-minute phone or Skype session/week
  • Gold Package—high-level feedback on 30 pages/week, unlimited 30-minute phone or Skype sessions

Work one on one with a developmental editor to improve major issues in your manuscript. big-picture editing

This service is for authors with full first drafts who want to fix plot holes, character development shortcomings, and other big-picture issues. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

Big-picture editing, sometimes called developmental editing, can help you close plot holes, refine character motivations, and strengthen themes. For nonfiction manuscripts, developmental editing involves fixing structural and organizational issues. We always match authors with developmental editors uniquely suited to their needs, as a developmental editor who works with fantasy novels won't be the right fit for a political history text and one who loves talking over the phone won't be right for an author who prefers email. Let's talk about big-picture editing and how it can help you patch holes in your manuscript.

A developmental editing project of an average-length novel (about 70,000 words) will generally cost $1,300–$2,300, based on your answers to the questions below:

  1. Do you want an editor who will suggest solutions to big-picture issues (lower cost) or an editor who will ghostwrite solutions to big-picture issues (higher cost)?
  2. Do you want an editor to go through your manuscript once (lower cost) or one who will re-read it after you've made the big-picture changes (higher cost)?
  3. Do you want only Track Changes (lower cost) or do you also want an editorial letter and a phone consultation (higher cost)?

After learning your preferences, we'll reach out to our team of +50 editorial experts and see who is a great fit and available. We'll work with them to develop a quote for your project, ideally one that fits your budget (if it doesn't, our manuscript critique service probably does).

Next Step
Schedule a call to discuss your preferences and get a big-picture editing quote.

Smooth out grammar and style issues before publication. paragraph and sentence editing

This service is for authors with full first drafts who need spelling/grammar/word choice/sentence structure help. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

Our paragraph and sentence editing service, which we also call combined proofreading and editing, is what we're best known for. It's perfect for authors in the final stages of revisions who want a service more comprehensive than basic proofreading, which just covers typos. Our editorial experts will comb through each of your paragraphs and sentences to improve style and correct errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Free samples are available here.

Catch typos and other embarrassing errors to ensure a clean read. proofreading

This service is for authors with a full edited draft that's about ready to publish. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

If you need a final check for minor errors before you publish, we offer deals for proofreading only without any additional editorial services. This service is for "clean" texts, which is defined as the proofreader being expected to find one or two errors at the most per page. (For text that isn't "clean," the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.)

Our skilled proofreading team specializes in catching typos, missing words, and spelling mistakes that can break readers' immersion in the world you've created. Contact us to get a quote (or see the per-word rates below), and let's get your book ready for publication.

  • Rates:
    • 10,000–20,000 words—1.5 cents/word (e.g., $300 for 20,000 words)
    • 20,001–40,000 words—1.2 cents/word (e.g., $480 for 40,000 words)
    • 40,001–80,000 words—0.9 cents/word (e.g., $720 for 80,000 words)
    • 80,001–120,000 words—0.85 cents/word (e.g., $1,020 for 120,000 words)
    • +120,001 words—0.8 cents/word (e.g., $1,280 for 160,000 words)
    • For fewer than 10,000 words, the best option is our combined proofreading and editing service.
  • Next step: Get a proofreading quote.

Schedule a CallCOVER DESIGN
Elicit emotion, entice readers, and expand your audience with professional cover design. cover design

With millions of books to choose from, readers really do select books by their covers. A professionally designed cover will draw in readers and convey the tone and genre of your book in an instant. Our cover designers aim to attract new readers in five seconds and from 10 feet away, online and in print. When surveyed, about four out of five people say that book covers play a decisive role in book purchasing habits and two out of five say that a cover has been the sole driving factor in deciding to purchase a book.

Marketing Professors Alain d'Astous and Francois Colbert studied what makes people want to read particular books and determined that “the most important effect appears to be the attractiveness of the book cover [in that] more attractive book covers lead to greater consumer interest” and that “[the cover] has a significant impact on perceived quality, especially when consumers are not familiar with [the book].” The attractiveness of the book cover was determined to be vastly more important than the author's reputation or the publisher's reputation in explaining book sales. But that’s not all; a professionally designed book cover leads to 18% more royalties for those who self-publish, according to the Taleist's self-publishing survey of over 1,000 authors.

The Service
Your cover designer will work with you based on current trends, book cover design best practices, and years of experience to maximize your sales and audience growth. She will present you with three concepts to choose from. After incorporating your input on all design elements, your cover designer will deliver your approved final cover as a PDF and JPEG.

  • Select covers designed by our team:

Make your book available to readers across all digital devices. eBook formatting

Purely automated eBook conversion is famously imperfect; it leaves formatting errors that distract from the text. We meticulously format eBooks and keep prices low by using software for the initial conversion and then reviewing manuscripts page by page, fixing what the software didn't.

We format eBooks for Amazon Kindle (82% of the market), which uses the .mobi format. We also format eBooks for nearly all other retailers, since almost every service besides Amazon uses the .epub format. (Our .epub files are compatible with Smashwords, the largest distribution service for independent authors.)

Here's what you'll get:

Package 1: A .mobi file for Amazon Kindle OR an .epub file for everywhere else

Package 2: A .mobi file AND an .epub file, which means your book will be accessible everywhere
Before you're ready for eBook formatting, you'll need the following:
  1. A cover image (produced yourself or produced by one of our designers—see cover design examples)
  2. Proofreading (we offer combined proofreading and editing and just proofreading)

All online retailers require a cover, many require proofreading, and your readers absolutely prefer both.

Watch out! Many unscrupulous companies, particularly those with shockingly low eBook formatting rates, just straight convert the files their clients provide using whatever styles the author has used. For example, if you haven't created heading styles, straight software conversions might result in an eBook without specially formatted chapter headings. We know how hard it is to write a novel, and we think it makes no sense to put your work into the hands of readers in a shoddy fashion. We're different because we use software and then we troubleshoot the eBook formatting issues that come up until your book looks like you've always dreamed it could.

What do eBook formatting clients say about us?

The experience that I, Eduardo E. Castillero L., editor and curator of the intellectual work of the Panamanian historian Professor Ernesto J. Castillero Reyes, have had with the attention of Mr. Luke Palder, CEO of, has been extraordinary.

Everything has been possible. He has shown talent and desire to cooperate—I haven’t heard a "no" yet. I recommend's eBook formatting services to people all over the world. You will find safe harbor and, in consequence, sell a lot of books, which is what we all want.

—Eduardo E. Castillero L.

We're best for narrative books (fiction, narrative nonfiction) and books that are mostly narrative with under five images. In other words, we're a great fit for about 95% of what readers purchase. We're not a great fit for more complex formatting such as fixed formats or drop caps. (If you don't know what these are, then they're most likely irrelevant to your publishing needs.) If your eBook needs to be highly formatted (this most frequently occurs with nonnarrative nonfiction) or has lots of images (over five not including cover art), please contact us for a custom eBook formatting quote. Otherwise, the rates below apply to you.

Amazon or everywhere? Authors who upload only to Amazon miss out on reaching nearly one out of five people (18%) searching for eBooks. That's a lot of missed readers and sales. We can convert your hard work to both .mobi and .epub, getting you in front of as many readers as possible.


Amazon Only
(.mobi Format)
Everywhere Else
(.ePub Format)
Both .mobi AND .ePub
1–20,000 words $79 $79 $99
20,001–40,000 words $99 $99 $119
40,001–60,000 words $119 $119 $139
60,001–80,000 words $139 $139 $159
80,001–100,000 words $159 $159 $179
100,001–120,000 words $179 $179 $199
+120,001 words $199 $199 $219

Next step: Tell us your book's length and if you want .mobi, .epub, or both. We'll send you a link to pay.

Format your book so it's ready for printing. (If you're looking for eBook formatting, click here.) typesetting

Your book is unique, and your book's interior design should be too. Our custom typesetting and interior book design service provides a unique layout that will reflect your aesthetic vision and genre and make your book look like it was printed by a major publishing house.

Typesetting isn't something to attempt on your own. Typesetting requires software such as Adobe InDesign, and it's a trained skill. Here's a great way to know if formatting your book for printing on your own is a good idea: If typesetting terms like "ascender," "drop cap," "em quad," "galley proof," "kerning," "ligature," or "widow" are a mystery to you, you're a great candidate for our typesetting service.

What you'll get: Page by page, your typesetter will apply a custom design that is professional, consistent, and matches your genre. She'll create custom chapter headings, apply consistent spacing and margins, and logically place images and other supplemental materials, making the aesthetics of your printed work reflect the time and energy you put into writing it.

The result of our typesetting service is a series of beautiful print-ready proofs delivered as a PDF.
Examples from our team:
typesetting exampletypesetting exampletypesetting example
typesetting exampletypesetting exampletypesetting example

Before you're ready for typesetting, you'll need a cover image (produced yourself, which we don't advise unless you're a professional designer, or produced by one of our designers–see cover design examples) and editing. It makes vastly more sense to edit before typesetting, as editing changes will affect the book's design.

After typesetting, we recommend a light proofread to ensure that everything is as it should be (proofreading is the classic last step in the publishing process, as errors can be introduced during the design process).

The typesetting rates you see below are for narrative books (fiction, narrative nonfiction) and books that are mostly narrative with some images (under 10). In other words, they apply to about 95% of what readers purchase. For books with more complex interior design needs (books that fall into this category often include textbooks, cookbooks, travel guides, children's books, coffee table books, and other books with over ten images), we can provide custom quotes for complex typesetting.

Bring your manuscript to life. illustrations

After talking with you about your illustration needs and artistic vision, we'll shortlist artists best suited for you. We work with a wide range of illustrators, which ensures we can always find one who can convey the essence of your manuscript. Whether you're working on a children's story, a marine biology textbook, or an illustrated young adult novel, let's talk. Our team of illustrators can help bring your work to life.

The first question we'll ask you is which style you prefer. Because that is such a difficult concept to describe in words, we always encourage those with illustration needs to seek examples they find inspiring. In particular, we recommend starting with this Pinterest page about illustration styles or this Pinterest page with illustration examples. If you see a style you love, we can approximate it for your manuscript.

Sell your book to the 86% of the world that doesn't speak English. literary translation

After spending years working on your book, limiting yourself to just the English market would be a waste. Great stories are universal, but as 86% of the world's population doesn't speak English, manuscripts are often limited to just one corner of the linguistic world (which also means authors' profits are artificially low). With our skilled team of literary translators and wide network, translating from English into nearly any language is possible (from Afrikaans to Zulu). Let's talk about how we can help you grow your international audience and sales.

  • Rates: 14–18 cents/word, depending on the topic and language pair. (We can translate from English and into English.)
  • Next step: Get a literary translation quote.

Get help gaining readers and selling your book. book marketing

With our years of editorial and publishing experience, our team will craft a package of marketing materials to help you sell your book. After reading your book cover to cover, we'll provide you with (1) a back cover blurb to entice readers, (2) a punchy tagline for use in marketing copy and social media, (3) a BISAC category determination to give your book the best chance of success, (4) a book description and five optimized keywords for use on Amazon, (5) an author biography to position you as a favorite in your genre, (6) a list of the contact information for 10 bloggers who are relevant to your genre so you can email them to promote your book (get more than 10 bloggers here), and (7) three tweets and three Facebook posts about your book to our +39,000 followers. (Note: Many authors who order this book marketing package also have us create an author website and set up a mailing list for them.)

What you'll get:
  1. A back cover blurb
  2. A tagline
  3. A BISAC category determination
  4. A book description and optimized keywords for use on Amazon
  5. An author biography
  6. Contact information for 10 bloggers who are relevant to your genre (get more here)
  7. Six social posts about your book to +39,000 followers

Land an agent or publishing deal for your manuscript. query package

If you're seeking a literary agent or a publisher, our team will leverage years of industry experience to create a query package to promote your manuscript. After reading your book cover to cover, your publishing expert will create (1) a query letter for agents or publishers, (2) a synopsis that provides just enough detail to entice but not overwhelm, (3) an outline of major plot or informational points, and (4) a targeted list of 10 agents or publishers you can submit to (you can increase this number here).

What you'll get:
  1. A query letter
  2. A manuscript synopsis
  3. An outline of major plot or informational points
  4. Contact information for 10 targeted agents or publishers (get more here)

Book buzz online begins with getting featured on blogs. promotion to blogs

If your book isn't being talked about on relevant blogs, you're missing a huge opportunity to inexpensively build an audience. Our team has perfected a foolproof process to identify blogs most similar to your book's topic, weed out the spammy ones and the inactive ones, and find the contact information of the most promising ones. We'll deliver an Excel spreadsheet with only the high-quality blogs and their contact info so you can reach out to pitch your book as the next best thing.

What you'll get: A targeted spreadsheet with the contact info of bloggers who write about your book's topic or genre or have otherwise been identified as people who might write a blog post about your book
  • Rates: $79 for 25 blogs and $2.50/blog after that (capped at whatever you'd like; we recommend 80 blogs total, costing $216.50 overall).
  • Next step: Contact us to get started.

Increase your chances of being published by a big name with smart research. finding agents

If you're planning to seek an agent or publisher to publish traditionally, we can save you a ton of time and increase your chances of success. Our team has perfected a foolproof process to identify agents and publishers who are great candidates for your work based on your book's topic, reading level, genre, and the agents'/publishers' current needs. We'll deliver an Excel spreadsheet with only the best prospects and their contact info so you can reach out to pitch your book as the next best thing. (Note: In order to pitch your book to agents and publishers, you'll need a query letter. We can write a query letter for you.)

What you'll get: A targeted spreadsheet with the contact info of agents and publishers who are likely to be interested in your book based on their past behavior and current needs
  • Rates: $89 for 25 agents or publishers and $2.99/agent or publisher after that (capped at whatever you'd like; we recommend 120 listings total, costing $373.05 overall).
  • Next step: Contact us to get started.

Establish yourself as a professional author online and build your mailing list. author websites

While selling your book on someone else's platform (like Amazon) is great, every author needs a website for both direct sales (higher margins) and personal branding (including building your mailing list). While you could build one yourself, our book marketing specialists know exactly what needs to go on your site, how to build it efficiently, and how to write marketing copy that'll get readers interested.

In consultation with you the whole time, we'll acquire a professional domain name for you (think something like and build you a custom website using, writing and adding information to all essential pages, including your author bio, book catalog, press excerpts, and upcoming events. (See these professional templates for inspiration: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Please note that has a small monthly fee of about $14, which is paid directly to them.) We'll also set up a free mailing list for you with and teach you strategies to get readers and prospective readers to subscribe.

What you'll get:
  1. A professional domain name (e.g.,
  2. A custom website with a ready-to-go author bio, book catalog, press excerpts, and upcoming events
  3. Mailing list setup and implementation so you can send updates to your readers
  4. A tutorial on how to get readers and prospective readers to subscribe to your new mailing list

We'll leverage our editorial talents to help guide you to publishing success.

What is most challenging for you as an author? What takes too long? Contact us and let us know. Our goal is to help you publish and promote your manuscript.

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What editing service is best for you?

Need help finishing your first draft?Book Coaching

Have a full first draft but need help with plot holes, character shortcomings, or other big issues?Manuscript Critique (lower cost) or Big-Picture Editing (deeper editing, higher cost)

Have a full draft you're happy with plot- and theme-wise and need grammar/spelling help?Paragraph and Sentence Editing

Need a final check for errors before publishing?Proofreading