Ghostwriting Services for CEOs and Other Business Leaders

Ghostwriting Services for Successful CEOs

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A Professionally Ghostwritten Book Takes Only Seven Steps

Step 1: The Interview

  • We interview you to extract your most valuable insights and ideas as a CEO and compile them into a coherent narrative.
  • We help you focus your message and find the most engaging anecdotes to tell the story of your successful business endeavors as a CEO.
  • We ask the right questions to help you flesh out the most pertinent details of your story and ideas.

Step 2: The Outline

  • We take the information you supplied in our interview and organize it in the most logical, coherent, and engaging order.
  • We decide which anecdotes and business insights would form the best narrative and build a comprehensive outline around them.
  • We bring our detailed outline to you and soak up your feedback, tweaking it as necessary to create a book that makes you and the company you lead proud.

Step 3: The Ghostwriting

  • We use the outline you’ve approved to create a full-length book detailing your experiences, thoughts, and insights throughout your CEO journey.
  • We draw on our years of experience as writers to create an influential and engaging book with best-seller potential.
  • We keep in contact with you, updating you on our ghostwriting process and gathering your feedback to guide our direction.

Step 4: The Feedback

  • We present the finished first draft of your manuscript to you and listen to your feedback.
  • We make changes to the draft based on the feedback you’ve provided, smoothing the work to better reflect your insights as a CEO.
  • We hire beta readers to read your manuscript and offer their thoughts and suggestions, tweaking the writing to increase market appeal.

Step 5: The Editing

  • We hand the manuscript off to our in-house editing and proofreading team to ensure it reads smoothly and cleanly.
  • Our editors carefully comb through the manuscript, making suggestions to enhance the clarity and flow and tightening the language.
  • Our editors detect and remove errors or oversights in grammar and punctuation, presenting you and your company in a competent and professional light.

Step 6: The Publication

  • We take advantage of our connections to the publishing industry to find the best agents and publishers to work with a successful CEO like you.
  • We guide you through the process of crafting a query letter, which is your first point of contact with prospective literary agents and publishers.
  • We help you grasp the ins and outs of the publishing industry and navigate smoothly within it for maximum success.

Step 7: The Promotion

  • We help you come up with and design an attractive book cover that draws in prospective readers.
  • We reach out to influential acquaintances to provide reviews and endorsements of your book, your company, and even you as a CEO.
  • We assist you in the development of a long-term marketing plan that includes speaking engagements, where you can solidify your position as a thought leader.

Become a thought leader and promote your brand as a CEO

Countless successful CEOs hire ghostwriters to formally share their thoughts, insights, and experiences with the market. By releasing a book, you can promote yourself as a thought leader, which offers you more clout as a CEO.
Through your book, you can share with aspiring new entrepreneurs the habits and secrets that helped you climb to success in the competitive business world. You can become a mentor for countless ambitious businesspeople around the world—and you can take pride in knowing you’re making a positive change.
Our ghostwriters are experienced professionals with a diverse array of previous projects. They’ve produced best sellers for CEOs of all sorts of companies and industries, and they can be your voice as well.
If you’re ready to solidify yourself as a thought leader, why not contact us today to discuss your vision for your book? Our free, no-obligation consultation can lay the groundwork you need to be a successful author.

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