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We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing and resume writing, but with a staff of over 50 editorial specialists, we've grown to offer a full range of services for businesses, academics, and authors.


Website Proofreading | Transcription | Data Entry | Pricing Intelligence | Business Writing Training

Writing and Rewriting | Translation | Lead Generation | Favorable Journalist Search | Promotion to Blogs


Plagiarism Check | Transcription | Translation | Dissertation Coaching

Geographic Information Systems | Grant Writing | Data Science and Statistics | Bioinformatics | Qualitative Analysis | Machine Learning | Data Visualization


For Finishing an Incomplete Manuscript:
Manuscript Critique | Coaching | Big-Picture Editing | Paragraph and Sentence Editing | Proofreading

For Publishing a Completed Manuscript:
Cover Design | eBook Formatting | Typesetting | Illustrations | Literary Translation

For Marketing a Completed Manuscript:
Marketing Package | Query Package | Promotion to Blogs | Finding Relevant Agents/Publishers | Author Websites

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