3 Ways Transcripts Can Improve SEO 

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In today’s business world, you absolutely must have an online presence—if you don’t, your company is essentially invisible to a massive potential customer base. However, in the vastness of the internet, it can be hard to stand out and compete effectively for people’s attention. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. This term refers to designing your website and writing your content in ways that boost your ranking in search engines. SEO is a crucial aspect of generating leads—your website content needs to be searchable for new audiences to find you.

One great way to improve SEO is through video transcripts. Video is an important component of corporate marketing strategies—most people prefer to watch a clip over reading a text on the same subject, so video can be a highly effective weapon in your marketing arsenal. However, search engines cannot index or pull keywords from a video, rendering your video content invisible to them. Therefore, you need text, which is where transcripts come in.

We present to you three major ways in which transcripts can boost your business website and help you reach a wider audience. A transcript of your video content can bring myriad benefits, but transcribing your videos yourself would be a tedious and time-consuming task that would divert your attention from more pressing business matters. The good news is that help is out there. Check out our transcription services and learn how our transcripts can help your website generate leads.

How transcripts can improve your business website’s SEO

1. Increased web traffic

Unlike video files, transcripts are composed of text, which allows search engines to scan for keywords. This increases traffic as it improves the ranking of your website, thus making it easier for potential customers to find. Transcripts also provide more context to search engines, as a result of which your website becomes easier to index. This, in turn, helps push your website higher in the search results, boosting your traffic. Conversely, if you don’t rank high in search result pages, it will be difficult for new customers to stumble across your website.

2. Stronger engagement (and lower bounce rates)

Increased website traffic is great, but it’s not enough to just bring people to your content—you want them to engage with it. You want them to stay on your website once they land there, to browse and learn more about your products or services, and, hopefully, become paying customers. Of course, that means SEO must be paired with quality content.

Together, a video and a transcript can help lower your website’s bounce rate (the number of people who leave without browsing). For example, if someone is in an office or a public space where they don’t want to play sound, or if their internet connection is poor and the video won’t play, they can still read the transcript, which keeps them on the site and hopefully prompts them to explore further. If you don’t offer transcripts alongside your video content, these visitors will likely click away immediately.

Transcripts also make your content accessible to many more people, such as the hard-of-hearing or deaf community, non-native English speakers, and anyone who may have difficulty processing sound. Transcripts are even useful for people outside of these categories as they allow a visitor to easily search for specific information that they want to engage further with.

The higher the number of people who can access your content, the more your website visitors will engage with it. This can mean browsing, clicking on links, and even buying your products or services.

3. More link-building opportunities

Link-building refers to embedding links to other pages or platforms in your content. It’s a powerful way to keep people engaged with your business, stimulate their interest, and ultimately convert them into paying customers, which is why it’s important to have link-building opportunities wherever you can. This will pull people deeper into your site and increase the likelihood of conversion.

With a transcript, you have text available to add links to other relevant sections of your site. For example, if you mention a product or a service in a video, you can link to it in the video transcript. You can also link to posts on your company’s blog or informational pages on your website—just look for whatever opportunities you can find in your transcript. Links help keep people on your site, which is key to conversion.

An added benefit of transcripts

There’s another great benefit to video transcripts beyond improving SEO: When you have a text version of your video content, you can generate even more content for your website, such as blogs, educational resources, and other lead magnets. You don’t have to come up with brand-new ideas to keep the content flowing—you already have it in video or audio format. All you need to do is get it transcribed.

Need transcripts for any of your videos? Get us to transcribe your video or audio content and help you improve your business website!

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