5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Memoir

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If you’ve found this post, chances are you want to write a memoir but don’t know how to go about it on your own or are unsure about hiring a ghostwriter. Going the ghostwriting route can be daunting—for one thing, this service is not necessarily cheap, but it’s usually a worthwhile investment. That said, you should know what you’ll get by hiring a ghostwriter, and we’ll give you five reasons you may want to consider working with one on your memoir.

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How a ghostwriter can help you with your memoir

1. They are writing experts

There’s a reason ghostwriters are so popular. They’re professional writers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Best of all, they use their interviews with you to learn how you speak and think and then infuse your unique voice into the book—thus, your memoir reads as if you wrote it yourself.

Writing a book entails far more than making good word choices and producing well-written sentences—it requires knowing how to structure the narrative and write for a specific audience. As an objective outsider, a ghostwriter can help you determine what elements to include and how to string all your anecdotes together to form a coherent story. Even someone with writing talent probably won’t know all the pitfalls of crafting a book, so it’s worth it to hire a bona fide expert if you want your book to succeed. 

2. They have time to write

Have you been meaning to pen a memoir for a while but simply can’t seem to find the time? Writing a book is a huge investment in terms of time—most people don’t have any to dedicate to it. 

One huge benefit to hiring a ghostwriter is that you can publish your memoir without spending that much time on it. If you decide to write it yourself,  you’ll have to work on it in your spare time, stealing an hour here or there—it will likely take you several years to complete the project. For a ghostwriter, writing your memoir will be their job, so you can rest assured that your manuscript will get done!

3. They can write fast

Not only will a ghostwriter make sure your memoir gets done, but they can probably finish it faster than you could if working on your own. Even if you have great writing skills and some free time to devote to your book, a ghostwriter will likely be able to complete the manuscript sooner—this is their area of expertise, after all. 

Writing can be a slow process, so don’t expect your ghostwriter to deliver a finished manuscript in a few weeks—if you rush them, the quality of their writing is likely to suffer. On the other hand, they’ll be faster writers than most, so you won’t need to rush them anyway. As with any skill, writing gets easier with practice, and an experienced ghostwriter will have had plenty of practice. In other words, there won’t be as much trial and error during the writing process, and your ghost will approach your memoir with a clear plan of attack, making for both a faster turnaround and higher quality.

4. They know the market

A ghostwriter with experience in penning memoirs will know the right audience for your book and can therefore write your story in a way that draws in readers. They can leverage their previous experience to compose a highly engaging book that is likely to please your target demographic. 

A seasoned professional will have a profound understanding of the memoir market—they will know how your book will fit into it, whether there are similar memoirs out there, and how to make yours stand apart. Even if you’re a fantastic writer, unless you’re deeply familiar with the current book market, you may not be able to get your work to the top of the charts, whereas an experienced ghostwriter stands a much better chance.

5. They understand the publishing business

The publishing industry is a tough nut to crack. There’s much one needs to know, but a professional writer who has been immersed in this world will be familiar with its inner workings. Your ghostwriter will know what needs to happen for your manuscript to be ready for an agent or a publisher. Some may even know how to format it or query agents. 

Even if a ghostwriter doesn’t offer services beyond writing, they’ll likely be able to set you on the right path when you need help with formatting and querying. If you work with a ghostwriting company, you can often order a comprehensive ghostwriting and publishing package, with seasoned professionals assisting you throughout the writing and publishing process.

Is it worth it?

If you have a story to tell, it’s worth telling it well, and an experienced ghostwriter can help you do that. They can easily navigate the challenges posed by writing and marketing a book, all while presenting your story in your unique voice and style. A collaboration with a ghostwriter also allows you to become a published author without making all the sacrifices involved in writing a book. 

Any ghostwriter worth their salt will have an initial conversation or interview with you so the two of you can be sure you’re on the same page, understand your vision for your memoir, and know how to make that happen. Find a ghostwriter who instills confidence and makes you feel excited about your collaboration.

If you have decided to hire a ghostwriter, we stand ready to assist you every step of the way, from outlining to editing and marketing your memoir.

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