7 Easy Ways to Succeed in Your Summer Job Search

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If you’re a high school student, a college student, or a professional who gets the summer off, you might want to think about making the most of these months. Some people may use this time to take a break from school or work, vacation, or lounge around at home, but most need a job to supplement their income. 

From drafting your resume to finding the right job postings, your search for a summer job can take time, so reach out to our career coaches and resume experts for help speeding up the process. For now, though, here’s what you need to know when you embark on your summer job search. 

Ask a former employer 

If you’ve held a part-time position before, reach out to your former employer to see if there’s a job opening for the summer. They may have seasonal work available. It’s always convenient to work for a previous employer because they already know how you perform. If you have a good relationship with them, they’ll probably be happy to hire you, and since you’re already familiar with the job, it won’t be hard to jump back in. 

Ask family and friends 

It can be extremely helpful to ask family members and friends about any short-term work available. They may be employed at a company that needs help and can put in a good word for you. Recommendations from family and friends can expedite your summer job search because employers prefer to hire workers for whom a company employee has vouched. In many ways, reliability and trustworthiness are more important to employers than qualifications, so getting a recommendation from a current staff member is invaluable.

Search around 

There are multiple avenues to explore when you’re looking for a summer job. First, you can search for jobs online—there’s no shortage of listings for seasonal work. You may even find a remote job that requires a few months of work. 

Another option to explore is freelancing, which is more project-based and more flexible. In this way, you can work on your own schedule and enjoy your summer while earning an income on your terms. If you like it and develop your skills well enough, you can even start your own business.

Next, you can drop by companies you’re interested in. If you submit your resume in person, it can speed up the process by giving you an opportunity to talk to the hiring manager right away. 

Finally, you could find a few part-time jobs that collectively make up 40 hours. If you’re adventurous, this may be the route for you. In case you dislike monotony, consider getting a few part-time jobs, but be careful when planning your hours. This path is tricky because it can be hard enough to find one job, let alone several. However, get creative and try looking for employment opportunities wherever you can.

Think long-term 

Even though you’re looking for a summer job, think about how it can benefit you in the long term. If you’re a student, try to find a job that can help you pursue a career after graduation. Holding summer positions in the field you plan to enter can help pad your resume when you’re ready to find a permanent job.

Consider staying put 

If you’re a college student, consider finding a summer job that allows you to remain close to campus and make money. Also, staying near your college allows you to potentially take some summer classes to get ahead. You may even be able to land summer positions at your college, perhaps to assist with community classes for kids or to help a professor in your field conduct research.

Prepare your resume 

To get a summer job, you’ll need a resume. Importantly, you’ll need one tailored to the job you’re applying for—even for summer jobs, you should always submit a customized resume. If you need help preparing it, consult an expert resume writer for additional help. 

Start ASAP 

It’s never too early to start looking for a summer job. If you wait too long, you may find yourself unemployed during the summer. Be proactive and begin your search well in advance. 

These tips will get you off to a strong start if you plan to work in the summer. Should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our career coaches

Improve Your Resume or CV