9 Tips for Hiring a Resume Writer

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Improve Your Resume or CV

You have the skills, experience, and motivation to land your dream job, but is your resume up to snuff? Having what it takes and being able to present it effectively on your resume are two entirely different things, and all too many qualified candidates find themselves passed over for competitors with more polished resumes. 

Crafting a stellar resume is tricky. Awkward wording, insufficient information (or too much detail), typos, or poor formatting can land an otherwise ideal candidate in the rejection pile. If your resume isn’t spectacular, you won’t get a second chance to argue your case, so make sure it’s the best it can be.

The internet is full of resume-writing advice, but too much information is not always a good thing. The only way to guarantee you have a top-notch resume is to hire a professional resume writer.

However, with so many resume writers out there, how do you find the right one? Follow the tips below to succeed in your search and enjoy a fruitful collaboration.

1. Gather all the necessary information

No matter who writes it, it is still your resume. The writer doesn’t know your background and can’t make up skills or experience, so gather all the information you want to appear on the resume, such as your work history, education, and qualifications. Be crystal clear in all the details you provide—your resume writer can only work with what you give them.

2. Gauge their experience

You don’t want to hire a resume writer who’s just starting out; rather, you want an experienced professional who knows how to showcase your skills and experience effectively. Take a look at the writer’s reviews, testimonials, and credentials. Have previous clients landed their dream jobs? You could even ask the writer for references and contact their clients yourself for an opinion. Past success is the best indicator of future success.

You should also consider whether your writer has experience producing resumes for your industry. If they’re not familiar with the terminology and abbreviations in your field, it’ll be tough for them to create the stellar resume you want.

3. Be clear about your goals

A resume writer with numerous successful projects knows the market and the ways to appeal to employers in different fields. If you clearly describe the type of job you’re looking for (or even a specific position), your ideal company culture, and the impression you’d like to leave on potential employers, your writer will know how to construct a resume that helps you achieve your goals. You’ll get the best value if you direct them to a specific job posting because that will allow them to tailor the resume to the job in question.

4. Make sure they can match your style

A resume writer’s job is to pass their writing off as yours, so the ability to emulate your style and voice is imperative. Resumes may not leave much room for creative freedom, but if you get your writer to help out with your cover letter as well, it’s vital that they match your style—you will alarm the interviewer if the way you talk differs drastically from the voice in your cover letter. 

If possible, ask your resume writer for samples, and be clear about the style you want them to adopt. A skilled writer can emulate different writing styles, so just make sure they get familiar with yours.

5. Determine a deadline

Even if you don’t have a specific timeframe for getting a job, the sooner you can start dispatching your resume, the better. Good resume writers juggle a number of clients, so you need to understand that the one you pick probably can’t whip out an exceptional resume for you in minutes. 

Communicate the deadline you’re comfortable with, and if the writer can’t meet it, you should consider looking for someone new. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how long of a wait any individual writer is worth.

6. Aim to pay a reasonable price

Professional resume writing is a service worth investing in. A good writer will charge a reasonable fee, so be ready to pay a competent professional adequately. If the price is too low, you might be working with an unskilled writer, and your investment will be for naught. Don’t let yourself get ripped off, though! Make sure to research average fees.

7. Communicate with your resume writer

You’re entrusting this professional with a hugely important task since the future of your career lies in their hands. Therefore, communication is key. Emphasize that they should contact you if anything is unclear, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any concerns throughout the process. Don’t forget that it’s ultimately your resume, and you can request revisions anytime you deem it necessary. 

Determine what method of interaction you prefer (email, phone, or in-person meetings) and establish communication guidelines with your resume writer to ensure a successful collaboration.

8. Hire a resume writer who can incorporate feedback

A resume writer’s first draft may not be precisely what you’re looking for. That’s normal because regardless of how much the two of you communicate throughout the writing process, your writer cannot get inside your head. No matter how detailed you are, discrepancies are still bound to crop up. In these cases, outline clearly what you want changed and how you want it changed. Explaining why you want to change a particular element may also be a good idea as an experienced resume writer may be able to offer even more effective solutions once they understand your needs. While you have the final say, don’t be afraid to trust your resume writer, even if their suggestions differ from your initial vision. You’re paying them for their expertise, after all.

9. Balance availability with skill

We mentioned the importance of deadlines, but it’s just as important to strike a balance between speed and quality. If a writer is available to produce a resume immediately, that might mean no one else is hiring them, which is a red flag. You should decide whether you can wait longer for a higher-quality resume. In case you choose the speedy route, you’ll have to accept that your resume may not be as impressive as you want it to be.

A resume writer can be integral to a successful job search, especially if you’re not good at showcasing your skills. While working with a resume writer can be the key to landing your dream job, finding the right professional may not be easy. Follow the tips above to get closer to achieving your career goals, and don’t wait to invest in an expert resume writer!

Improve Your Resume or CV