A Guide to Picking the Right Resume-Writing Service

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Improve Your Resume or CV

Hiring a professional to craft your resume is like choosing a painter to do your portrait. You want an expert to get the picture right, and you certainly want to get your money’s worth. In the case of a resume-writing service, your future career may be riding on your pick. So, how can you make sure you select the perfect service for you? 

Here are three things you need to consider when you grapple with that decision. As you do your research, be sure to check out our resume-writing service.

The company matters

There are many services out there that promise outstanding resumes. While fancy websites and grand slogans can lead you to believe this one or that one is the best choice for the job, don’t be hasty! Before you make a decision, there are a handful of questions to answer. How long has this organization been operating? Is it trustworthy, or does its track record raise red flags? You owe it to yourself to take a closer look, studying video testimonials, customer success stories, and even basic things such as its “About Us” or “Company History” sections.

Also, be sure to check out reviews for any companies you’re considering. Browse third-party review websites because a company might be able to curate any reviews you find on its own website.

Here’s another question: Does the writing service offer any guarantees? On the one hand, a professionally written resume that is “guaranteed” to land you a job offer might fail to deliver on that promise. There are never any guarantees in a job search, and even the best resume in the world may not get you hired by the company you want to join. Instead of services offering guarantees, look for ones that hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability. For instance, some will rework your resume gratis if you don’t get twice as many interviews as before within 60 days of getting the final copy of your document.

Lastly, determine whether the service fits your needs and current situation. If you have a rather tight schedule, go for a company with quick turnaround times and the option to collaborate with the writer via email. If you’re not an email person, an online resume-writing service will probably not work for you. Some companies may also offer additional services, such as help with your cover letter and LinkedIn profile, so shop around and see where you can get the most bang for your buck.

The writing skills matter

Enough about companies—let’s talk about the writers themselves. The ideal scenario here is to find one with plenty of hands-on experience in your industry. Of course, you won’t always find resume writers with this exact kind of qualification. So, you should look for writers who, at the very least, have created resumes for professionals in your industry. Clarify your field when you reach out so the company can match you with a writer who has relevant experience.

In addition, make sure that your writer is familiar with the terminology and acronyms used in your industry. Remember that applicant tracking systems (ATSs)—software that scans resumes and filters out the ones deemed irrelevant to the position—are programmed to look for keywords in job applications. If your resume is ATS-friendly, it’s more likely to make the cut and get into the hands of the hiring manager. So, go carefully through the job description to identify the keywords and pass them along to your resume writer.

The price matters

Let’s face it: Resume-writing services can be costly. You most likely have a budget to keep to, so consider carefully which services are indispensable in your job hunt. Only spend your hard-earned money on those you truly need, and do your research into the company to ensure that it will be worth the price.

If you can, seek a free resume evaluation or consultation before you opt for a resume rewrite. Also, bear in mind that you should have the right to get a draft version edited before you collaborate with your writer to finalize the resume. In addition, there are many services that offer all-inclusive packages to help you build your personal brand. These package deals include basics such as cover letters and enhancements to your LinkedIn profile.

Is all of this worth it? Before you answer this question, consider the following: Your resume is a vital marketing tool that can make or break your chances of job success. Hiring managers receive more applications than they can handle, so they’ll use any excuse to throw some of them out. An investment in a professionally written resume can lead to career advancement, so why hesitate? If you’re ready to work with an expert, reach out to our resume-writing team!

Improve Your Resume or CV