Additional Services for Academics - FAQ

  1. What services do you offer for academics?
    We offer services for academics, including a plagiarism check, transcription, and translation. Explore our services here.
  2. Can you write or rewrite my paper for me?
    No. We offer deep editing of academic material for journal articles as part of our Deluxe Academic Package to help you convey your research clearly and professionally. However, we do not offer writing or rewriting services for academic work.
  3. My academic work is not in English. Do you offer translation?
    We do! Our experienced team has translated complex academic work for publication in leading journals. Learn more about our translation services.
  4. What are your rates?
    As each of our academic services is unique, we offer individual custom rates according to the package you select. A detailed overview is available here.
  5. Are your academic services confidential and secure?
    We understand how important your academic integrity is, and we absolutely guarantee the confidentiality of our services. Your copyright remains yours, and you own all changes we make to your documents.
  6. Can you help me check for plagiarism?
    Yes. Our Deluxe Academic Package includes a plagiarism check.
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