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As a professor, post-doctoral researcher, or graduate student, you spend hours translating your ideas to the page. However, at the end of a long day in academia, you may not always have the energy or clarity of mind to revise your writing objectively.

The quality of your writing has a significant impact on your academic performance and your ability to publish your research. Errors in grammar, spelling, and formatting affect how clearly you convey your findings, and academic journals cite such issues as a top reason for rejection. You want to be judged on your great ideas—not on preventable errors. That’s why offers accurate and efficient academic proofreading services.

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The Best Academic Proofreaders and Editors

At, our team understands how competitive academia can be. After all, they’ve been there. Each and every one of our academic editors and proofreaders is highly qualified, and many are former university professors. Before joining our team, proofreaders and editors must pass a rigorous testing and interview process. Only 0.3% of applicants are invited to join us. That’s a more competitive acceptance rate than Harvard’s!

Our editors and proofreaders are intimately familiar with the art of academic proofreading and the importance of meeting deadlines. We offer turnarounds as fast as one hour, one day, or one week, with several options in between.

We also work with academic writers for whom English is not a first language, such as speakers of the following:

If you’re uncomfortable writing in English or need help to ensure your translations read smoothly, our team will work with you to convey your ideas clearly and correctly. Expressing your meaning without any room for misinterpretation is crucial in the academic world, so let us help you do so. Whether you’re a physics professor in Helsinki or a linguistics PhD candidate in Seoul, we will help you achieve English academic writing you can be proud of.

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Comprehensive Academic Proofreading Services for Any Subject

Our editors and proofreaders have expertise in a wide range of subjects and types of documents, from lengthy dissertations to short essays, allowing them to handle even highly complex work. Here are just a few anonymized examples of academic writers we’ve worked with:

  • Hilde, a graduate student of environmental studies from Norway, with a research paper on the causes of desertification
  • Perang, a PhD candidate from Kuala Lumpur, with a thesis on the evolution of Malayic languages
  • Elizabeth, a history professor from London, with a manuscript on cross-cultural exchanges in the Victorian era
  • Carlos, a researcher from Barcelona, with a report on the results of a ten-year scientific study on diabetes treatments

Our team even helps graduate students transition from academia to industry, overhauling their resumes and writing compelling cover letters to help them land the jobs of their dreams.

Formatting According to Any Style Guide

We treat every document we receive with the utmost care and attention to detail, meticulously checking for copy editing and style errors. However, we are also experienced with editing according to a range of academic style guides. The following are some examples of projects we’ve worked on:

Simply let us know what you need, and we can help ensure you meet the requirements of your assignment or the journal you’re submitting to. Or, if you have any questions about our editing processes and how we can support your academic needs, visit our FAQ page.

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