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Here at, we love South Dakota. As the home of world-famous Mount Rushmore, it’s an important state to the American people, and other attractions like the Crazy Horse Memorial only serve to make it that much more special. One other thing that makes South Dakota special is the many talented writers who inhabit the state. Our editors are dedicated to helping writers from across South Dakota improve their writing in whatever way necessary, whether by eliminating typos, clearing up confusing structures, or improving flow for better readability. With the extensive experience our proofreaders have, we can handle just about any document, so just tell our editors what kind of proofreading you’re seeking, and they’ll deliver the results you’re looking for.

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Proofreading services as flexible as ours are few and far between. Our editors can assist scholars with their doctoral theses, businesspeople with their white papers, authors with their thriller novel manuscripts, and so much more. This is possible because of the diverse specialties of our editors, who boast additional knowledge in all sorts of subjects. All in all, our flexibility and diversity mean we can satisfy the editing needs of just about anyone in South Dakota.

  • From South Dakota State University, to the University of South Dakota, to Black Hills State University, high-quality universities can be found all over South Dakota. Our proofreaders are passionate about helping students and professors alike with their academic writing, regardless of discipline. Trust our editors for any academic editing needs you may have.
  • South Dakotan businesses deserve the best business editing services available online. Our expert editors are ready to help any companies or professionals in South Dakota who need assistance touching up their business writing, whether they’re in Sioux Falls to Rapid City. High-quality business writing can make a major difference in your bottom line!
  • Some South Dakotans don’t speak English as a native language, but that shouldn’t pose obstacles to their success in the state. If you need the assistance of a professional proofreader to compete with native English speakers and communicate your ideas effectively, just turn to us—we can help you whether you speak Spanish, German, Chinese, or another language. 
  • We do more than academic, business, and ESL proofreading—we can proofread pretty much anything you send our way! If you need a document to read smoothly for any reason, our proofreaders would be happy to help.

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Hailing from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, our expert editors are native English speakers with vast experience in editing, proofreading, and writing. They can edit according to various style guides, such as Chicago, APA, and AP, and we have proofreaders with expertise in various other subject matter, including sociology, linguistics, and medicine, so they can edit technical papers easily. The most distinct quality of our editing team, however, is that they’ve all passed the stringent series of editing tests we have all proofreading candidates take. With a pass rate of merely 0.3%, these tests guarantee that only the best editing talent finds its way onto our team.

In short, there’s no better proofreading service for South Dakota’s 882,235 scholars, entrepreneurs, authors, and other writers, regardless of their goals. Our editors are ready to help anyone in South Dakota in need of a reliable proofreading service, even if they’re under a tight deadline. With multiple turnaround times, including as low as three hours, our editing team works accurately and quickly, never sacrificing quality but always returning your edited paper on time. 

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