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Scottish writers from all backgrounds—be it academic, professional, literary, or something else—can all benefit from the meticulous proofreading services of expert editors. Even the best writers make typos or oversights, so if you’re composing a critical document, hiring a professional proofreader is imperative. has just the editing team to assist writers from all over Scotland, with editors boasting years of experience in the industry. We’re committed to aiding Scottish writers because of our love for the land: From Edinburgh Castle to Stirling Castle, Scotland is truly phenomenal. Our goal is to help make your writing shine as brightly as Scotland’s beauty, no matter what your document is.

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Top-quality proofreading services for all types of writing.

Do you need your academic journal article to explain your groundbreaking ideas as clearly and concisely as possible? Do you need ad copy that engages new prospective customers to check out your business? Do you need crisp, cutting prose that leaves a lasting impression on readers? Our editors can help with all these scenarios. We’ve taken special care to hire editors with various specialties to make sure all writers in Scotland can take advantage of our top-notch editing services.

  • The University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Aberdeen are prestigious universities that churn out brilliant scholars and cutting-edge research year after year. Such high-quality academia requires expert proofreaders to ensure the message is conveyed smoothly and effectively. That’s what our academic editors are here for—regardless of your discipline, we can review your academic writing. 
  • Running a business is hard work, and even if your product or service is fantastic, poor writing in your ads and communication can make your company look unprofessional and diminish trust among consumers. Businesses in Scotland have a simple solution: business editing. Companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and beyond can profit from our business editors’ years of experience.
  • English is a tricky language—no one knows that better than non-native English speakers. Immigrants flock to Scotland, but it can be hard to compete with native English speakers. Our editors can help. It doesn’t matter whether you speak Urdu, Chinese, or Polish because our proofreaders are dedicated to helping all writers in Scotland in need of high-quality proofreading services. 
  • If you’re looking for a professional review of an important email or letter, we can help you with that, too. Our editing team is eager to assist writers with whatever they need.

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Who’s on our team? Only the best editors in the industry! We make sure only the best editing talent makes it onto our team through the challenging editing tests that proofreading applicants must pass to be welcomed onto our team. They’re so difficult that only 0.3% are good enough to pass. The top 0.3% land positions on our team, their success informed by the experience and expertise they’ve built up over the years working as professional editors, proofreaders, and writers. As native English speakers, our proofreaders can also make sure your documents read smoothly, clearly, and naturally.

There’s never been a better editing service to aid the 5,454,000 writers in Scotland, whether they’re academics, business owners, scriptwriters, or anyone else. Our proofreaders provide the precise, high-quality editing services you need to succeed, regardless of your field. With us, you won’t miss your deadline, either. Choose from one of our many turnaround options between three hours to seven days, and we’ll be sure to return your edited paper by the deadline you specify.

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