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Afrikaans, a unique daughter language of Dutch influenced by indigenous African languages, is one of South Africa’s 11 official languages. Also spoken in parts of Namibia, the language has about 10.5 million speakers. It represents a thriving area of Africa with a rapidly growing economy. Accounting for more than half of the worldwide production of platinum, South Africa’s mining industry is booming, and about one in 10 South Africans makes a living from the tourism industry.

Translation from Afrikaans to English can help South African businesses expand into the international market and grow their profits, while translation from English to Afrikaans can grant international companies access to this up-and-coming African nation. Of course, translation isn’t just for businesses—it also helps South African scholars and academics disseminate their findings to the wider world or creative content producers spread their art to the Afrikaans-speaking populations of South Africa and Namibia. is proud to provide both Afrikaans-to-English and English-to-Afrikaans translation services, connecting Afrikaans speakers and English speakers from all walks of life.

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​At, we have Afrikaans translation experts ready to translate whatever kind of document you need accurately and reliably. We understand the intricacies of translation and can expertly transform text between English and Afrikaans. We can also localize translations for specific audiences, such as Afrikaans speakers in Namibia or English speakers in Canada. Our translators are fully bilingual in the two languages, meaning they can navigate everything from formal language to slang in Afrikaans.

What Can We Translate?

Our translators are experts in various forms of translation. Whether you need a journal article translated from Afrikaans to English or a press release translated from English to Afrikaans, we can help.

  • Academic translation: Whether you’re a South African researcher looking to make your findings more accessible to the wider academic community or an English teacher in South Africa who needs translations of teaching materials into Afrikaans, our translators provide high-quality translations of academic documents.
  • Business translation: Companies seeking to expand to or out of South Africa and Namibia will need accurate, reliable translations of their business materials to or from English or Afrikaans. Our translators are highly experienced with business translation and are happy to offer Afrikaans translation services for business plans, marketing reports, press releases, ad copy, and more.
  • General translation: If you have any other document you need translated between English and Afrikaans, reach out to our team. As seasoned translation experts, our team is familiar with translating personal and corporate blog posts into Afrikaans or court submissions and immigration documents into English. is your one-stop shop for all your translation needs involving Afrikaans. We can translate everything from business proposals to novels with the utmost accuracy, while also offering competitive rates and turnaround options that fit your schedule.

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We work with clients from all over the world, so whether you’re looking for translation from Afrikaans to English in Cape Town or Johannesburg or seeking translation services from English to Afrikaans in New York City or Toronto, you can rely on the translators at

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