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With a GDP growth rate of 8.4% in 2019, Ethiopia is one of the most rapidly expanding economies in Africa. International businesses are looking to profit from Ethiopia’s growing economy, and tourists are drawn to the unique African nation for its numerous natural attractions, such as the Simien Mountains.

Ethiopia is a multilingual state made up of various ethnic groups. The most widely spoken language is Oromo, with Amharic coming in as a close second. Amharic enjoys prestige in the country, previously having been the language of primary school instruction. More recently, regions have begun teaching children in local languages, but Amharic remains an important language in Ethiopia, with roughly 4 million second-language speakers.

English is also commonly spoken as a foreign language and used for instruction in secondary and postsecondary education, but to truly reach an Amharic-speaking audience, professional Amharic translation services are indispensable. At, we’re proud to provide Amharic translation services for this culturally rich region of the world.

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Expert Translators to and from Amharic

Amharic is a world away from English. As the second-biggest Semitic language (the first place being occupied by Arabic), its structure differs dramatically. It employs a subject-object-verb word order, it contains a rich repertoire of pronouns—including different second-person singular pronouns based on gender—and it expresses the subject in verbs through prefixes and suffixes, indicating even number and gender. The language is written in the Ge’ez script, primarily used in Ethiopia and Eritrea for Amharic, Tigrinya, and other languages in the region. The various challenges Amharic translation poses highlight the necessity of hiring trained professionals for your Amharic translation needs—and we at are qualified to deliver the high quality you need.

Our Specific Amharic Translation Services

  • Academic documents: Whether you’re an Amharic-speaking scholar looking to share your findings with the wider world or a researcher collecting data in an Amharic-speaking region, we can provide tailored Amharic translation services for your academic needs.
  • Official documents: Whether you’re aiming to go to Ethiopia or are an Amharic speaker in the process of emigration, we can provide certified Amharic translation services to help you through the bureaucratic procedure.
  • ​Business documents: We can help Ethiopian companies branch out internationally or foreign businesses break into the Ethiopian market. Our business translation services are available for a wide range of business materials.
  • Digital applications: As of December 2020, 17.9% of the Ethiopian population uses the internet. Considering this is up from 0.4% in 2008, internet penetration in Ethiopia is rapidly expanding. To help you cater to this growing digital audience, we can translate your website, software, application, game, or any other digital material to or from Amharic.

Whether you need translation from or into Amharic, you can rely on the Amharic language specialists at We boast years of translation experience and have worked with clients from around the world to produce high-quality translations.

Whether you’re in Addis Ababa, Mek’ele, Dire Dawa, Nazret, or Bahir Dar, we’d be happy to help with your Amharic translation project. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality Amharic translation services, regardless of the specifics of your translation project.

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