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Do you have an important document, such as a doctoral dissertation, business proposal, novel manuscript, or something else? If so, it’s vital to make sure your writing is in tip-top shape and clearly conveys your ideas. The best way to ensure this is to hire professional proofreaders like the ones at, who are happy to work with writers from every part of Arkansas, from Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site to Hot Springs National Park. Poor-quality writing can result in a damaged reputation among your peers, customers, or readers, and it’s simply not worth it to take your chances and forgo professional proofreading.  Luckily, for all your proofreading needs, you have us—a reliable, affordable, and flexible proofreading service.

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Everyone in Arkansas is welcome to take advantage of our editing services.

We wouldn’t be the top-rated online English proofreading agency if we weren’t both phenomenally skilled and flexible. No matter who you are in Arkansas—a scholar, a professional, a poet, or anyone else—our editorial experts have the skills and expertise to help you improve your writing. We’ve already helped 10,000+ clients, so we’re confident we have what it takes to help you achieve your writing goals, as well.

  • We’re passionate about helping the students and faculty at the University of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University, and the University of Central Arkansas with their papers, journal articles, research proposals, and more. We have editors specialized in numerous subjects, including physics, mathematics, and sociology, to make sure you always get the editing accuracy you deserve, no matter how technical your writing is.
  • We’re committed to helping businesses across Arkansas thrive. Whether you’re set up in Little Rock or Forth Smith, you deserve a skilled proofreader working to make sure your documents effectively convey your ideas and messages. That’s us—we’re experienced in business editing and are eager to help you succeed. 
  • We’re dedicated to helping non-native English speakers navigate the challenges of the English language. If you’re worried about making embarrassing mistakes or saying the wrong thing, don’t worry—our editors have worked with thousands of ESL clients and are ready to help you communicate effectively in English, whether your native language is French, Malay, or Yoruba. 
  • We’d be delighted to help anyone else, too. There’s no limit to what our editing professionals can proofread, so if you need help communicating clearly in English, all you have to do is send our editors your document.

Don’t fret over your writing quality—just send us your document, and our editors will take care of it.

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Who’s on our editing team?

Our editing team is full of highly experienced proofreaders and editors with specific education in proofreading, editing, and writing. They’re also highly familiar with style guides, so even if you require strict adherence to a particular style guide, our editors are equipped with the right knowledge to assist you. They come from all over the English-speaking world and have been immersed in English their entire lives. Our proofreaders’ most important feat, though, is passing the extremely challenging set of editing assessments that serve as a barrier to earning a slot on our team. Only about 0.3% of proofreading applicants who take the tests pass, so our editors have truly proven their worth.

Arkansas is big—it’s home to 3,013,825 people across the academic, professional, and literary worlds. That spells a huge number of writers in Arkansas who can benefit from professional editors helping them eliminate typos, clarify ambiguous structures, and clean up awkward sentences—but we’re up for the challenge. If you need a high-quality editing service available 24/7 that can return your documents in mere hours if you’re under an urgent deadline, you’ve found it.

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We offer free proofreading samples. 

We understand you may not be comfortable placing a paid editing order without seeing our work for yourself. That’s precisely we offer free editing samples. We want to put any doubts you have to rest so you can confidently place an order for our top-notch editing services.

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