Additional Services for Authors - FAQ

  1. What services do you offer for authors?
    We offer services for authors, including manuscript critiques, big-picture editing, paragraph and sentence editing, proofreading, cover design, eBook formatting, typesetting, literary translation, a marketing package, a query package, promotion to blogs, and help identifying relevant agents and publishers. Explore our services here.
  2. Do you work only with finished manuscripts?
    We work with authors in all stages of their publishing journeys. If you're having trouble finishing your first draft and need some editorial guidance to overcome plot hurdles or other structural issues, our big-picture editing service might be for you.
  3. How do I know which type of editing I need?
    We cater to authors requiring any level of editing, from comprehensive developmental editing to final proofreading. Click here to take our editorial needs quiz and find out which service is right for you.
  4. Do you work with independent authors?
    We absolutely do! Our team has years of experience in both traditional and independent publishing, and we offer a range of services including manuscript critiques, cover design, and marketing to help you bring your ideas from first draft to professionally published product.
  5. My manuscript is not in English. Can I still work with you?
    One of our most popular services is translation to and from English. We can help you reach the English market and take advantage of our other editing services.
  6. Where do I start when it comes to marketing my book?
    Reaching readers is essential to your success as an author. We offer a variety of marketing tools, including a comprehensive marketing package, a list of targeted blogs, and even a query package to help you find a traditional publisher.
  7. Will I still own my copyright?
    Absolutely. Your work will remain yours, and you will own all the edits we make to your manuscript.
  8. Do I need editing if I want to get published traditionally?
    While many publishing houses offer copy editing services as part of the publication process, your chances of landing a publisher increase substantially if your novel is in great shape to begin with. Errors and stylistic issues make novels unattractive to publishers, but we can help you fix these and ensure you create a great first impression. We offer manuscript critiques, developmental editing, and even paragraph and sentence editing to help you get your ideas off the ground and polish your manuscript before submitting it for publication.
  9. My book is finished, but can you help with design?
    Yes! We offer cover design, interior layout and typesetting, and eBook formatting services to help you capture your vision and present a professional finished product to readers.
  10. Can you help me create a cover for my book?
    Yes! We work with talented cover designers who will narrow down a concept for your book and create a cover to draw in readers online and in stores.
  11. How do I find my printing company's formatting and cover template specifications?
    If you've ordered cover design or book formatting services and need help finding your printer's specifications, read our guide to obtaining formatting specs. The guide covers IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing; if you choose to go with another printing company, simply contact us so we can sort out what you need.
  12. Will you format my book for Amazon and other online sellers?
    Yes. We understand how important it is to get your book into the hands of as many readers as possible, so we can help you format your eBook for compatibility with all eReading devices.
  13. I want to sell my book in other countries. Can you help?
    Yes, absolutely. We offer literary translation services to help you reach the 86% of the world that doesn't speak English.
  14. Can you help me find a literary agent?
    Yes. We can save you a ton of time finding an agent or publisher by identifying those who are great candidates for your work based on their current needs.
  15. What can you do to help me find a publisher?
    We offer a comprehensive package for authors seeking a traditional publisher. This includes a query letter as well as an outline and synopsis of your manuscript and contact information for relevant publishers.
  16. I want to sell print copies of my book. Can you recommend a printing company?
    Which printer you choose will depend largely on your unique publishing goals. However, many of our clients have published successfully through IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing. To compare the two and see which may be right for you, read our guide to selecting a printer. Please note that has no affiliation with any printing companies.
  17. My book is finished, but I need help marketing it. What can you do for me?
    We can help boost your sales with our book marketing package. This includes materials like a back cover blurb, an author biography, a BISAC category determination, contact information for relevant bloggers, and more.
  18. Can you cut me a deal if I order multiple services?
    Yes. We want to support you throughout your publishing journey. To explore deals for multiple services, please contact us.
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