Additional Services for Businesses - FAQ

  1. What business services do you offer?
    We offer operations and marketing services for businesses, including website proofreading, transcription, combined proofreading and editing, proofreading without editing, writing and rewriting, and translation. Explore our services here.
  2. What are your rates?
    Our rates are calculated according to the unique requirements of each business service. A detailed breakdown is available here.
  3. Can these services help boost my revenue?
    Yes! Many of our offerings, such as website proofreading, have been proven to increase demand for products and services.
  4. Why should my business work with
    We have helped hundreds of businesses attract new clients, launch new products, and increase their bottom lines. Sam Silverman, a managing partner at EB5 Affiliate Network, one of our valued clients, has said our work has helped them "increase revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars while keeping their margin steady."
  5. How can help me break into the global market?
    We are proud to offer translation to and from 92 languages to help you reach clients from around the world.
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