List of 100 Compound Words That End With 'House'

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You might be looking for terms made up of multiple words that end with a certain word. Seeking a collection of relevant examples? See this list of compound words that end with "house."
alehouse corfhouse icehouse roughhouse
almshouse countinghouse jailhouse roundhouse
backhouse courthouse lighthouse schoolhouse
baghouse cowhouse lockhouse slaughterhouse
bakehouse customhouse longhouse smokehouse
barrelhouse deadhouse madhouse springhouse
bathhouse deckhouse masthouse statehouse
bawdyhouse doghouse meetinghouse steakhouse
beadhouse dollhouse millhouse stillhouse
birdhouse dosshouse motherhouse storehouse
blockhouse farmhouse oasthouse sugarhouse
boardinghouse firehouse outhouse summerhouse
boathouse flophouse packinghouse taphouse
bughouse funhouse palmhouse teahouse
bunkhouse gashouse penthouse tollhouse
cathouse gatehouse pesthouse toolhouse
charthouse ginhouse pilothouse townhouse
chophouse glasshouse playhouse treehouse
clearinghouse greenhouse poorhouse warehouse
clubhouse grindhouse porterhouse washhouse
coalhouse guardhouse porthouse wellhouse
coffeehouse guesthouse posthouse wheelhouse
coldhouse gunhouse pothouse whorehouse
cookhouse henhouse powerhouse woodhouse
coolhouse hothouse roadhouse workhouse