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From Mystic Seaport to Gillette Castle, there’s so much to love about Connecticut. As a result of our love for Connecticut, we at have decided to dedicate ourselves to helping Connecticut writers of all walks of life improve their writing quality. Whether you work as a faculty member at a university, a top-level manager at a company, or a content producer in the creative industry, you deserve high-quality, grammatically correct writing that expertly conveys your ideas. Our professional proofreaders will help you achieve that. As leading experts in the editing industry, our editors can improve any document, so no matter what your level is, let us help you elevate your writing quality and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

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We’re the best solution for Connecticut writers seeking editing and proofreading services. How can we make such a broad statement? Simple—our team is incredibly skilled and incredibly diverse. We have the knowledge and skills to edit academic, business, and literary writing, so no matter what Connecticut writers are looking for, we’re confident our editors can provide it. What can we proofread? See below for a non-exhaustive list.

  • We’d be happy to help you with academic documents such as journal articles or theses. Our editors have already assisted students and professors alike at the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, and Post University, so we’re certain we can help just about anyone who requires academic editing. Our proofreaders have supplementary expertise in a number of fields, making them qualified to edit your paper regardless of the subject matter.
  • Editing your business proposal or advertisement copy is right up our alley. From Bridgeport to New Haven, companies all around Connecticut use clear, high-quality writing to succeed in the business world. As editing professionals, our proofreaders can help you make the most of your business writing to thrive in the Connecticut business scene.
  • Is English not your first language? We’re all native speakers, so we can help you express yourself effectively and clearly, giving your documents a special native-speaker flair. It doesn’t matter where in the world you come from—our editors have already helped clients from every corner of our vast planet improve their writing quality.
  • Do you just need someone to read over an important email for typos and general grammar proofreading? We can do that, too.

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Editing applicants have to truly prove themselves to be allowed on our team. We’ve designed a set of rigorous proofreading tests meant to identify the absolute top editors—only 0.3% of proofreading candidates pass. As native English speakers from across the Anglophone world with many years of experience in the editing, proofreading, and writing industries, our expert editors are in the top echelons of the proofreading industry, and they’re eager to share their knowledge and skills with Connecticut writers. 

There are many people in Connecticut—3,572,665, to be exact. That’s a lot of writers, whether they’re academic, professional, or literary. No matter what type of writing they produce, however, they all deserve the highest level of proofreading excellence, and that’s why we at stand ready to serve the writers of Connecticut. We’re committed to accuracy, quality, and speed, with a range of turnaround options that guarantee you never miss your deadline.

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