Customize Your LinkedIn URL to Give Your Job Search a Shot in the Arm

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Improve Your Resume or CV

Many hiring managers these days look for more than just a resume. For one thing, you should also submit a cover letter, demonstrating that you’re willing to put in extra effort to land the job. More than that, recruiters want to see that you’re actively involved in networking and building professional relationships. This means you should have an online presence, especially on LinkedIn. Recruiters rely on platforms like this to research candidates, and if you use LinkedIn effectively, you can attract them. 

While a strong LinkedIn profile can help you land your dream job, an inferior one can ruin many chances for you. Are you having trouble polishing your LinkedIn profile?  Ask our experts for help

What is a custom LinkedIn URL?

A custom LinkedIn URL is one that uses characters you specify instead of the long, incomprehensible string of numbers and letters that characterizes the URLs of standard profiles. The result is a link you can add to your resume that allows hiring managers to easily access your profile. It also gives you a more professional look. By taking initiative and including a custom LinkedIn URL, you’re telling the hiring manager you care about your professional development. 

How does a custom LinkedIn URL help?

In the professional world, you should make it a goal to stand out—for the right reasons, of course. A custom LinkedIn URL is a great start. Not everybody has one, and hiring managers are immediately impressed when they see a professional-looking custom URL on your resume or in other correspondence. This sets you apart from competitors with a default LinkedIn URL, not to mention those with no LinkedIn profile at all.

A custom LinkedIn URL also shows hiring managers your devotion to your professional development. Once they go to your profile and see you have endorsements and other recommendations, they’ll be even more impressed by all the skills and detailed work experience on your clean, crisp LinkedIn profile. Do everything you can to demonstrate your desire to grow professionally. Using a custom LinkedIn URL helps increase your chances of getting the job you want by revealing your dedication and attention to detail.   

How do you use a custom LinkedIn URL?

Given that a custom LinkedIn URL is so beneficial, it’s important to know how to create one. 

First, log in to your LinkedIn account and click on “View Profile” in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, click “Edit public profile & URL.”

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see “Edit your custom URL” and a pencil icon next to the URL. Click on this icon and edit the URL, keeping in mind that it should be professional—things like “catlover89” have no place here. It’s best to use your first and last name (no spaces in between), but you can choose whatever you want. 

What complicates matters a bit is that your URL has to be unique, which means you may not be able to use just your name. If it is already taken, play around with what’s available—maybe you can add your middle initial, your full middle name, or your job title. 

Whatever you choose, be consistent with the brand you use to promote yourself as a professional. Being consistent across LinkedIn, other social media platforms, and your resume demonstrates a high level of professionalism. You do have the option to periodically change your URL (up to five times every six months), but don’t make it a habit—stick to changing it only if there’s a change in your name or job title. If you do change it, you’ll need to update the links on all the documents where you’ve shared it. 

Once you’ve customized your URL, hit “Save,” and you’re done. It’s as simple as that!

A custom LinkedIn URL gives you an edge over other candidates because it shows hiring managers how invested you are in your professional development. Take advantage of any opportunity to set yourself apart from other job seekers. Sometimes it’s the minor details that land you the job. Reach out to our LinkedIn experts if you need any help.

Improve Your Resume or CV